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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inspiration for Transformation - Devotional 96

Its easy to be influenced in today's world by many things, the things that attract your attention could be clothes, music, books, television, video games, history, poetry, war, or even food.

The reason I call this devotional "Inspiration for Transformation is simple, because I myself was inspired by words. But not just by any means, a challenge. A slam poetry challenge. It ignited a fire in me that would lead me to write this devotional at approximately 11:00PM. ON Saturday January 16, 2010. Now for those of you who don't know what slam poetry is, your missing out on so much creativity.

Now because I am a man of faith, I decided to create a slam poetry to describe to my facebook friends how I celebrate and see my faith.

It's pretty difficult for me to write something of this nature. I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

(Clear throat)

This isn't an ordinary posted note what I'm about to say could get me band from 50 countries or shipped away on a e boat. When this poem is done and the dust settles and smoke clears, God's son will still be here, even for those people that can't see or hear. They have to trust the God is near. That's why in the bible it says "Thou shall not fear. If you think that knowing Jesus means a ride, than the same could be said for ticking crocodiles and magical fairies named Tink. It's not just an imagination He is my whole inspiration. Writing devotions is what I do, I'm a student of the game and no I don't do it for the fame, because that would be rather lame. Let me ask you a question, Do you get what I'm saying? We all live in in a complicated world. Everyday we see a sea of faces on the streets in our cities and, towns. I have one question why do they all look so down? Life these days gets busy, But if you don't stand still for a moment you could get dizzy just some girl named Lizzy, no that's not a pun to make fun, You want to know the king of kings put on some good shows and go for a run. Preferably NIKE, don't buy into the brand or because you be like Mike. Take the run, because it's what's right, and that is why I write. I write to inspire but I don't like books by Stephanie Meyer. But just like in that famous Creed song the Lord can take me higher. I don't write to tell a story or to get on Maury, after all it's just a show, if I did that for fame that would really lame. Remember the lamb that was slain. because whether you believe or not it's the blood shed of slain lamb that gives you the very blood that runs through your veins. So whether you praise or haze, or just plain don't like what I say, I tell you the truth, there will come a day, that devotions will reach as the seas as to the oceans. KNOWING Jesus is more than a physical action or mental emotion, its not a religion. Just like in any relationship it's a matter of devotion.

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