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Sunday, February 22, 2009


This should be Joshs Backstory

The Biblical quotes.....

This can be Joshs back story

In a effort to put more power into the hands of the musicans, one man will go on a mission to set things right. In this featured short film Saving Private Radio. What is Saving Private Radio? In an era of today where you can recieve your favourite songs, albums , and movies directly downloaded to your computer, because of websites like kaaza, Limewire, Frostwire and other music downloading , one man will take a stand by sacrificing his life and liberity to save radio.

Scene 1: (Ave Maria playing in the background)
Anthony (A)- Wearing a V for Vendetta Mask.)
Hello boys and girls ladies and gentlemen, tonight we Adhere to take Action Against the Atrocities who Acutely and continuously Admonish themselves as the masters of their own music without having the proper Authorities be made Aware of such An Atrophies’ Act. Since it is now brought to our Attention I stand here tonight to make things right. Since the Authorities Are not Aware of the dastardly and cowardly Acts which seems to be going on in every home Around the world. I Am your Authority this evening. Let me start off by saying, To Those of you who do not wish to adhere to our commands shall be dealt with in the Abundance, And we strike down upon them with Avengence!
It is my very good honour to meet you and you may call me ("A")

Scene 2: - 2000 and Nate a Toronto DJ recieves a call from a new club owner Josh Filipe where 2000 will play his best stuff off his hotest new CD Rock Therapy.

Josh: So from what I hear about your skills , your believed to be the best there is among these streets, if you think you got what I'm looking for come on by the club, you'll have one oppertunity to impress me, so don't mess up.

( 1 Hour Later )

Scene 3 MTA - A music terorist group in the fight againist Downloading songs makes a house bugerly on Toronto's latest Hip Hop DJ: 2000 and Nate MTA aka Muscians Take Action, they enter his house and steal his computer.
MTA group solidly believes that music should be appreicated by fans which is therefore honoring the musicans. MTA also believe that music should be seen a whole experience of beauty within the melodies.
Terrorist Slogan : Save the Music - EXPERIENCE THE PUREST MUSIC!

Scene 4: As MTA are loading the stolen equipment into the car, just around the corner OFFICER MICHAEL OSBOURNE appears to be on duty. Officer Osbourne is the head officer of the Toronto bugerly department and he sees the MTA members jumping into a van. As the van speeds off , Osbourne notices one member of the burgerly team was left behind. So a pursuit on foot begins for the straggler, (A) sees this and stops to pull up his socks and then he ran like hell.

Scene 5: The officer in pursuit did not catch (A) so he did the next best thing he reported back to the police station and spoke with the chief of police (Amer) Michael did the best he could to explain what had happened to the chief , who was a man you did not want on your bad side. Micheal explained to the chief, I don't know what happened sir, what do I do? , What do I do?
The Chief of police stood up, a man that was feared by many men through the ranks. His nickname on the force was "The Hawk because when he was younger one night on a steak out, he killed a Columbian coke dealer 500 yards away with one shot with hus gun which calls the hammer of God. It is a beautiful gun, glistening silver , black hand grip 44 magmun.

The Chief stood and said to the tear eyed officer, "You wamt to know what to do? "The Hawk" approached fellow officer and said this, "You stand up go out there and be a man, what the hell's wrong with you." With one swift shot "The Hawk slapped his officer in the face, hoping to slap some sense into his officer on duty that day.

Scene 6: Toronto Star reporter Stacey Falconer recieves a call from a source that there was just a bugerly that took place. Without a word she dashed for the door to get the story.

Scene 7: Meanwhile in a secret location among the shadows of the night sky, out of a mysterious van escapes the MTA members. They flee into an adbandon warehouse, when they entered the warehouse they setup the stolen equipment. They proceeded to to a independent radio broadcast to warn people about downloading music.

Scene 8: At this point Stacey was in a cab where she would slowly arrive on the scene. But the radio was tuned into local news and Falconer was alerted from the voices over the radio what exactly had went down in the bugerly. She quitely took notes in short hand the important information that was broadcasted over the cab radio.

Scene 9: At the club Josh awaits the hired D.J. for the night, 2000 an Nate.

Scene 10: At the apartment of 2000 and Nate , he is soon found by Stacey, He is tied up and wore a brutal black eye which he fashioned on the right side of his face. Stacey rushed in to see what was going on , and she saw Mr. 2000 and she hestitently asked him. "What in the blue hell happen to you."

Scene 11: 2000 weary and disoriented proceeded to tell her what had happened.
2000: Well my memory maybe a little fuzzy , but give me a glass of water.
I really don't know what happened all I remember is that I was dancing preparing some music for a show tonight that I am susposed to work at tonight, and the next thing I know these three guys came in and chanted FREE THE MUSIC, JOIN THE REVOLUTION! After that I don't remember anything.
Help me up please I need to get ready for the show, wheres my computer at.
Stacey scanned the room, Its GONE!

Just like that 2000 rose to his emotional state and said, WHAT THE FUCK, How can it be gone.

Stacey: Would you forget about that damm computer for now, your coming with me. I could use you later for my story, I could use a quote. Your coming with me..... Now hurry up the meter is running and your costing me alot of money.

Scene 12: Back the club Josh is becoming furious, because this was a very important night for Club J, it was ladies night. The club was filled with hundreds of ladies excepting a show, and if theres no show Josh doesn't get paid and if Josh doesn't get paid, he will not be pleasent to deal with.

Scene 13: In the cab with 2000 and Stacey , 2000 makes a remark " wait where are you we going." Stacey says were going to get you the show, Mr. 2000.

But wait amongst all the traffic they were stopped by a white van. The cab driver slammed the brakes and swirved in traffic. Panictic the cab driver looks back at Stacey and 2000 and says "Oh, Mio Dio's Le Madonna! The cab driver gives a hand signal to the driver of the white van.
("A") steps out from the van and glares at the cab driver. Frightened the cab driver leaves the cab in the middle of the street and runs away.

("A") approaches the cab and says, hello 2000 boy the black eye you have got there looks pretty nasty how in the world did you manage to get that.
Stacey: Just wait, before you do anything I have a couple questions for you, now I am a journalist I can make your message and mission be printed on the front page of the Toronto Star. "Why are you doing this?"

("A") : You have no power over anything, the only power you have is the power that was sent from above. Now SHUT UP WOMAN! Why Am I doing this, this seems to be the million dollar question of the night. I am doing this and will continue to do this until downloading music is offically banned. Music is power and if you like it, you should support the artist. Plain and simple.
You can quote me on that, and if I run into again it won't be happy ending for you, this is a warning. ("A") fled from the scene. He was never seen again...

Scene 14: The next day the Toronto Star front page read
The nighr the music "almost" died
By Stacey Falconer
Just below that in the entertainment section was a short blurb about Toronto's 2000 an Nate to preform at Club J by introducing some Rock Therapy to the streets of Toronto.

Closing Credits: WE shoot Innes finally playing for the ladies at Club J.

The Terrorist Group will be Anthony, Naser, and Ryan.

Music is a passion that was sent from above

By now all who knows me knows that I am currently working my butt off to get to study radio in College. Let me share a few things with you before I begin with the reason I am writing this blog.

1. Music has been my number one goal since the age of 15.
2. This blog is going to be by far the most open hearted blog that I have ever posted. Its time to wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to describe why I am so passionate about radio.
3. Everyone who is everyone will be mentioned in this blog , so check it out.
4. For those of you who don't believe in God, I urge to read this and hear my story. I promise you will see God behind what I write here today.

Now as the professionals say "The show must go on."

For me the dream of what to be on the radio , never really took form untill much , much later in my life. So I am going to give you a bit of background on how I got to the decision to follow radio.

I was just seven years old a little shrimp 40 lbs soak and wet I stood 3ft2. I was transfered to a elementry school "Central Perth. When I went there, I was in much trouble with my studies and homework. The teachers that I had could not understand my writing at all. So they took steps to improve that, they gave me customized pencils but nothing seem to work, that was until one teacher Mrs. Etherting my second grade teacher at the time said to the board, "I know if given a chance these boy can push past anything and he can be on the same level as the other kids. Rather than giving him a hard time about his handwriting and printing, why can't we just give him a computer.

It was so, on that day the students and soon to be friends would be baffled at the very idea that I had a computer to do all my work on. Ethertington tried to explain to the class the reason I had a computer, eventually they all wanted a shot on the computer. Everyone was very happy when it came to be partners with me because it meant that they could work on the computer with me. I do believe at that time I above everyone, what I mean by that is I wanted to do so more on the computer than I was allowed. I wanted to type for hours on that thing all day an night. I just thought it was so cool. Just in case your wondering the make of the computer was a greyish blended purple IB<. At the time in the year 92 espeically when it came to my class, the computer was the best thing going. That was then!

The computer brought together a great friendship one that I hold self-evident even to this day. Because of that computer writing short stories for me would be inevidable. When it came to writing stories I had my own writing team of keen people. There names are Nathan Innes, Ryan Scott, Brandon Nahrgang. When Mrs. Etherington put us four together as a writing group the magic would start from there and just burst into greatness. We were known to write some of the craziest sories that Central Perth have never seen anything like it before. Although I did use the computer for alot of my class work , I also used it for other things like I can remember one morning where our class had a spelling bee. Now that I mention it I'm sure the boys will go "Oh I remember this, HAHAHA! Anyway as I was saying I also used the computer for other things, and one morning during a spelling bee. I can remember be very angry at something that was said towards me, so I wrote on the computer screen 200 times and yes when I said I wrote it 200 times that is fact. I wrote on the screen. I WISH BRENT NURSE WOULD DIE!!!!

By this point I was 9 years old and yes I was still only 40 lbs soak and wet.
During the spelling test my teacher at the time Mr. Cleland would eventually come over and just so all of you will know what he said to me in my ear for those who didn't hear that day. He came over to the computer and looked at it and saw what I was writing about Brent, he said the following. "Anthony I don't think thats got anything to do with spelling. Ok just to clarify I was a very angry child that just wanted to fit in. I would do anything to try to fit in include fights, compete in sports, win writing comprtitions. Nothing seemed to work. Whatever I did, I was casted as an outcast for my differences. But that didn't stop you see because I had the dream to be just like Rocky, Beven Simpson Blaze Lewis and the many others can vouge for me.

Lets skip ahead a couple years, to the age of 14. It was believable my job in the future would be some writing job, maybe in journalism. At age 14, I came to a crossroads in my life, I had lost my grandmother to a multitude of diseases. To say the least I was so angry, I just couldn't understand why she died. It was at this point that I thought it was to be that I would write a book which I entitled Dark Shadows, Wheres my God at? I wrote it with my Aunt Susie and it seemed to have helped get me through some difficult times. It gave me a chance to express my emotions and life experiences that I thought the world should know about. The idea was that I would write a blog post daily. But I had so much to talk about it became a 215 page book. That I hold secret even to this day.

Durimg year 16 of my life, I went on a search to find anyone of my other relatives from maybe the United States, I was informed by my Dad that I had cousins from all over. From places like New York, New Jersey, Phillidelphia, Ohio , Toronto, most of the cousins that live in the U.S. Is from my fathers mothers side of the family. The Astirino family. It just so happens when I wernt on my search to find these family members, I didn't find anything. Instead I came across a girl that was a relative of the Studebaker car fortune. Needless to say, I was intriqyed because at that time in my life, I was so into cars, my mother thought I was a bit wacky , because my room was filled with calenders of cars and car models. So in a the search for my family I got sidetracked and talk with this girl Katie, I was quite taken by her, she herself was a big reason why I wanted to keep an edge to the music. I always tried to keep up with her, in terms of knowing me what the next big song was. Never the less, keeping up with her an her music was killing me, she was always a step ahead and I cou;dn 't compete with that. But never the less, she did open a door for me, one that I wouldn't walk through for seven years. In her life, music became her main enjoyment. So through talking with her I became more interested in the many genres of music, from Adrea Bocelli, Pavaroti, Green Day, Blink 182, Bloodhound Gang, My Chemical Romance, Everlast, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Metallica. There's so much more, I could go on for days, but I don't have the time, in short let's just say that Katie made me gain a deeper a appreication for music.

In my final year i high school my mother suguested that I study journalism because I enjoy writing and I was pretty good at it. So I spent a year at Conestoga College - Stratford Campus upgrading under a fantasic teacher. Lisa Coles Nelson. After that year that I spent upgrading I recieved straight A's in English studies, and Computer Technology. OBVIOUSLY!!!!!

After that I went into the hospital and had surgery to help "cure" C.P. The operation was difficult for and I know what you may be thinking , how can it be difficult for you, you have had 13 others before this one. Well let me explain I was in intestive care for a week, where I spent most the time bleeding, I bled alot.... But not to worry it was natural, I had to bleed in order for the medication to go from my body. So yes I was in tremendous pain and yes there was plenty og blood for miles to be seen, for me to bleed it must have happened for me to get better.

After the week I was then transfered to Parkwood rehabiliation Hospital. There I would change lives, and meet new people. I would meet new people and befriend them, people like Gwem, Marci, Helena, Rebecca and Anne. To make ir clear I hated being in rehab so I did everything possible to try to get out of there. I worked my butt off like never before. I would also never ever stay in my room. I would either be seen outside, in the phyical therapy room or racing down the halls in the wheelchair constantly talking everyone. It was there that I first watched the entire trilogy of the Godfather. I have to say it was simply a beautiful movie.

There was a reason that I worked so hard in rehab not only did I not want to be in there but I want to start school and if I stayed in there any longer than I needed to I would get very angry because it would intrupt my plans for starting school at Conestoga. There I was determined to work my body out until I was able to start school. I absolutely loved journalsm, I made awesome friends, Adam for one , he made sure I arrived to school all the time. He and his girlfriend Candace made sure that I ate good food, I love the portguese style rice thanks so much people.

It wasn't until my first year in the second term, I realized through a music radio ad that thats really where I wanted to put my focus, so I talked to my professor at the time, and told him that I would like to apply to for radio because I enjoyed making the ad. He told me go for it, if thats really what you want. Personally he said I think radios awesome. I didn't get in to say the least I was very disappointed I was So I sucked it up and took it on the chin and applied for General Arts and Scietold not to give up because if I just took General arts and Science I could most likely get in next term. To say the least about the General Arts and Science program, I didn't feel appreicated, I felt underworked, I felt my skills that I had acquired just a year earlier was now under a bar of limits.
I felt like not only was my creativity challenged but also my intelligence. So in January I placed a transfer form to start in September. I am not happy at Conestoga to me this is evident, my corrdinator should have been well aware of this. As we talked many times abouit my position with the program. I have decided to join Fanshawe College in September to study radio, I have chosen a school where I think I will be happy at. I'm sorry to say this to my many friends that I met this past year, but to Joni, Amanda, Amy, Travis, Brenda It will the end of the Spunky Monkies. On that day don't shed a tear , but smile because after graduation I'm finally going to chase my dream. Where is my dream in radio. FM96... So I thought, I love FM96 Londons best rock but I have been lead to join a Christian Rock station to do the importance that Jesus has played in my life. I relate to Jesus through music, music from KJ52, T-Bone, Lecrae, Skillet, Kutless, Leeland, Cross Movement. I owe a thanks to people like Reva , Kristin, Aamanda, Silvie, Katie, Aunt Susiie , my grandmother, Blaze , Beven, Nathan, Ryan, Adam, Brandon, Gwen, Helena, Rebecca, Marci, Paul and the Godfather movie...., All of the experiences that I have witnessed lead me to this point so I can be great in this moment. Anyway thats all I have to say


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons is a beautifully written book, it has great suspense. The book itself will leave you on the tips of your toes. It makes you think even when it comes to the title. Dan Brown is a master when it came to naming the title for this book and why is that? Whether your on the side of God or Science it us never really clear who is the angel and demon. That comes to head when you finish reading the book and the answer of who is the angel and who i
s the demon lies with your own personal conclusion.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whats up with Aman

Once and for all I'm going set the record straight.
Some people have asked me lately whats up with the name A-man. I assure all of you it is not a typo an I do know how to spell Amen. So where do you ask did A-man come from? I've had a variety of nicknames that always described to people my personality. The first nickname I was given was Antwan. That was given to me by my father who for some reason would use a french accent when saying it. Yeah you can kinda get the picture Italian people speaking French not a very good combonation.

In '92 I recieved my second nickname Rocky this was given by Beven Simpson and Blaze Lewis. Blaze said it fit me perfectly because I wouldn't take anything from anybody no matter how small I was, now keep in mind I was only 3ft5 at the time. The second reason I was given the nickname Rocky, Blaze said and I quote "Rocky has the eye of the tiger and he never looses.

This name came in handy in '94 the classics of Rocky. What are the classics of Rocky, well I can tell you this they be featured on ESPN anytime soon although I think they should be. So what exactly are the Rocky classics. Lets take you back to '94 in a French class is where it all began. We as a class had a French Mrs. Stuart. In that class you get away with anything, swearing , spitballs , fighting, talking to much you name it. All Mrs. Stuart would do is write your name on the board. I'm sure Beven knows a little something about that. The Rocky classics simply a brawl that broke out in the middle of French class every single day. Now the fights involved myself attacking Brent Nurse. I do it in numerous ocasians and if you ask me why. I would say this Brent was always good at pushing my buttons. Now as you can imagine the fights were seen by everyone in class. At that point very loud and you could hear the sounds of the people watching cheer an say "Go Anthony, Kill 'em!!! The other half was trying to pull me away from Brent. Now when all this was going the teacher was still teaching and we as students could care less. We all hated French class, but the attendance was high. I think the attendance was so good in that class, they wanted to see me snap again.
I think through time it became a game for Brent to know whether he could say the right things to set me off on a rampage of anger.

The third nickname was not really nickname it was simply a sentence. "That boy can move." This sentence was used to credit my ability to act fast during a game of prison ball. Thats right people I said Prison ball, not Dodgeball, Prison ball the absolute best game in the entire world and if I had the chance to play it one last time in that gym. I would jump at the chance to go head to head with the classmates.
Mrs Akin decude to describe my speed as "That boy can move.," because I would flip and flop , front rolls, and jump out of the way of the balls coming in my path. Incase your wondering most of the matches ended wiith Brent and I going head to head for the elimination. I think the White Goodman charactor from Dodgebakk was based on me, anybody knew then would have to agree....

The fourth nickname I recieved was Killer...
This name was given to me by Adam Stere, Joe Higham and A.J Barclay. I was given the name Killer one during lunch in the caferteria at Northwestern. Steve Morris I hated at the time sat just one table down from us. He made a serious mistake one day and decided out of the blue to call me "crip." As you can imagine I was pissed off and shot right up from my seat. Just as I was going to go over there to knock his skull in. Joe, Adam A.J. stood up and said, "Its not worth it man easy Killer, easy!

The fifth nickname I reccievd was from Mr. Johnson the science teacher, everytime I would walk to the lab he would Here comes Antonio Bandaras, dude I loved you in the movie Spy Kids. Now I have absolutely no idea why he called me that and still to this day have no idea why.

The sixith nickname I recieved was from my woodshop techer Mr. Ackersviller and Matt you can tell me if its spelled right cause I don't know. This nickname was based off my older brother Michael who people called Taco because they thought he was mexican for some reason. Mr. Ackersvilller knew this and decided to call me Nacho thats right Sara I was called Nacho way before you were. Mr. Ackersviller even went as far as to engrave the nickname into my safety glasses.

The seventh nickname I recieved was Anth. I recieved this from a former friend in Ohio. How did manage to find anybody in Ohio well in 2000, I couple days after I went on search to see if I had any other relatives. Ohio showed up and some reason during my google search I came across a car 'The Studebaker." This was interesting to me because I had heard about the car but never reallly saw a picture of one. So apparently I found one of the relatives to the Studebaker car fortune and we became friends, and I'm going to lie, she was good looking. About six months later she saidf she got tired of saying and typing the name Anthony so she shortened to Anth. I wasn't too sure about it at first but I kinda liked it. It grew on me.

The eighth nickname name I recieved was given to me by Blaze. At this point we were seniors in high school and Blaze thought it would be appripreiate to call me Anthman due to the fact that we grew up together and were no longer boys.

the nineth nickname was given to me by Andrew Keller also known as "Gump" He gave me the nickname Italian Pony because he said no matter how much I try there could be one Italian Stallion and I wasn't it. He appreicated the enthusiasm that I put forth when standing up for what I believe in. He also said I can't be called the Italian because I wasn't big enough, and so I was given the name Italian Pony.

10th I recieved was given by my Uncle Robert. He gave the nickname Don Anthony because we have an Italian hertiage. This is intriqued me because my last name is Sicilia, and as we all known the Sicilian mafia is famous in Italy. So did a series of searches on whether or not I was a relative of a member of the Sicilan Mafia, what I found out that day I can not discuss with you.

11th nickname that given to me was by Dave Small at Conestoga College Stratford Campus. Dave gave me the name Mr. Boondocks. I recieved that name from him , because I would always ramble on in class about how The BoondockSaints is the absolute greatest movie in the entire world..... The movie meant so much to me that I actually did a final project orn religion and the media. The wholr premise of the presentation was based around the Boondock Saints. During the presentation I got a little carried away and instead of showing clips of the movie, I showed the entire movie. Which I'm sure my teacher at the time Lisa enjoyed that very much. I to this day feel like they should be in every major city throughout the entire world. If you haven't seen the movie I tell this to you, don't rent the movie BUY IT!!!! If you just rented your just going to set youself for disappointed because you have to return it. The movie itself deams ti be watched atleast five times. Kyle Thibeault my friend The Deoarted is the best movie of all time, this is one aspect of film that you are WRONG Mr. Thibeault, I don't say this often but The Boondiock Saints , is a "Beautiful masterpiece of violence."

The 12th Nickname that was given to me was also at the Stratford Campus, it was given to me by Dan Paul. I believe Dan gave the nickname because I guess he figured the name Anthony was too long to say and I needed something that sounded cool, and so Dan gave me the nickname A-Dawg! ,

The 13th and final nickname that was given to me as a play on it was a gift given from above I beliebe. About six months ago I was discussing my passion for Radio with Nathan Innes, I mentioned to him that if put on the radio Anthony would not right. I told him what if I called myself Killer and have my own show, the Killing hour. He said Anthony I'm pretty sure you just can;t go around saying on the radio. It got to be something else. I was discouraged but I stilll love you Nathan hahaha but Innes was right I needed something better. So one day I prayed before I went to sleep. As customary I would say Amen to finish off the prayer. I didn't think anything of it, That was until I found meaning in my my through God. I found meaning through music, Constantly I would play songs from Lecrae , Casting Crowns, Rebecca St. James, Kutless, The Cross Movement, Thousand foot krutch, Skillet, Gospel Gangsters, Planet Shakers, Hillsong United, T-Bone. Then because I found so much meaning in those songs I ten waanted to get of socular style of music and wished to work at a Faith station. When Ryan Scott and Josh Fillpe asked me what my name would be if I did indeed want to change it for radio. I had to think about it for a second and I said.... I think A-man would be cool, do you see the play on words people I am a genius or what?
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crossover, death brings new life....

My name Anthony Sicilia, I am happy to share this day with each and every one of you. Today is Sunday March 1, 2009. I picked this day to be baptised in the blood of Christ for the second time in a testimony I would like to call crossover, death brings new life. I chose this day to be baptised again because I find it rather fitting that I begin my walk with Christ. It was nine years ago tomorrow that I first prayed. You may sit there and you may ask Anthony why did you chose that day to pray out of all the days you could have started. Why that day? It was March 2, 2000 and I as look over in the corner at my family I am sure they remember that day well. It was a day filled with black suits, hugs from family and friends, boards filled old pictures which are capturing memories. The day was also filled with enough tears to fill up Stratford’s Avon River. On this day my family had lost a great family member. Some people lost their grandmother, on that day some people lost their aunt, on that day some people lost their mother. It was on that I made which the seemed to be the longest walk that I’d ever have to make to say goodbye. It was on that night I bowed my head and said with tears in my eyes and said only three words. “DEAR GOD, WHY? I did not get the answer this question until just recently. I found out the answer this question while watching the film the Gospel of John. A particular scene caught my eye and stuck with me until I was able to reveal this on this day. At the river where John preformed his works of baptism Jesus professed to his disciples this, “Before I came John was sent. John was sent as lamppost to allow you to see the light.” I am the light of the world again spoken John 8:12 Jesus says I am the light of the world he who hath followed me shall not walk in the darkness but have the light of life. Now as I look in the very eyes of my family I say to them , I stand here and you are sitting there with your hands folded on your laps and inside you wonder why I would make the move to be baptised here today. I say this… The woman we lost was a grandmother, an aunt and a mother. In our lives as a family she was the lamppost to allow us to believe in Christ. She died that day so that God himself could himself know to us.
Furthermore I say to them John 5:35 “ You have sent John and he testified to the truth, but I mention it that you may be saved John was a lamp that gave light and you chose for a time to enjoy this light. John 6:26 says “I tell you the truth you looking for me not because you saw miracles but because you ate the loaves of bread and had your fill.”
I remember shortly after my grandmother death, I spoke with a friend, and told her that I was having problems sleeping because visions of her death haunted me.
She opened the bible and asked me to repeat this verse from Palms It was Palms 23: it says “The lord is Sheppard I shall not want. He lies me down in green pastures he leads me beside still waters; he restores my soul and leads me to a path of righteousness. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death for thou is with me. Your rod and staff they comfort me surely goodness and mercy shall follow me and I shall dwell in the house of the lord forever.” John 4:48 says “Unless you see miracles you will not believe.” Ha! Is that the way the world sees Jesus today I am reminded of a Pastor out of Leeland Texas who preaches to youth. I heard his message through an audio clip found on his MySpace page. I am happy to have many friends here to be witness to this today, but I am most happy to have two friends here today. Nathan Innes and Ryan Scott, even though these two friends are not super Christians and they don’t possess any supernatural powers, although I think if given the opportunity they would love to have some. It would sure answer a lot of questions about their personality. How is their personality? Its all little over the top, They carry an enthusiastic energy anywhere they go. But at the end of the day they are just ordinary men, without them I would never get a chance to see the humility in humanity. Because of that friendship they became my pillar and post that would allow me to stand up straight with my head up and just continue with the rest of world despite my differences.
I ask you to look at me now , look how I stand today most of the world would see me today as a broken man. I tell you this On this day I have stood taller and straighter in my whole of existence. To any man who believes Cerebral Palsy would be traumatizing I say this, this is not a curse, this not the events of an accident at birth, this is my original form. This is how the world must see me. I spend my entire life racing, to be like everyone else because I was ridiculed for my physical appearance. To those of you who still believe that today you are looking at it the wrong way, I was given the gift from God so that I wouldn’t have to be like everyone else. I wouldn’t have to become part of this world. I wouldn’t have to become a member of the people of this world. I was given this for one reason so that I can stand here today and Thank God for allowing me to be different and for creating me in his original form and allowing the world to see as he does.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

ROCKBAND Welcome to the rock show LIVE from your couch

By Anthony Sicilia

Rock band popularity; is it cool to be a rocker? Or is it just hype by the advertising and the media? Let’s explore this shall we. It is evident that we live in a world where technology is thrown in our faces at the masses. Ever since the day of Atari and Nintendo there has been emphasis placed on video game entertainment. It seemed with every passing year there was a new video game fascination amongst the generations of gamers. Games such as Pac-man, Super Mario Bros, The legend of Zelda the lists could go on forever. Gaming through the ages have since advanced in consoles, graphics and the effort of creating video games that is more realistic. It is the year 2009 and the gaming fad which is reaching almost a phenomenal fan base in a video gaming series known as Rock band. The title is self explanatory, you may be wondering why people play rock band here are some reasons.
Along with the advancement of gaming there has also been another long lasting effect on society, MUSIC, you can always go on a daily daydream adventure just by listening to your favourite songs on the radio. Imagine if you could play your musical favourites in the Rock band video game. How cool would that be? So your favourite song currently is Metallica Enter Sandman, or Weezer’s Say it isn’t so, even more so what about songs from Nirvana. Could you picture yourself singing your heart out while on the screen you hear the sounds of 50,000 screaming fans? If that’s not enough for you, you could always purchase more songs online to add variety and flavour that complements your style of music.
The Gear:
In the game there is gear that makes your rock band official.
First you have the electric guitar which is than followed by the bass; the third is the percussions or drums. To press on if you think bold enough you can sing with the official rock band mic. If you wish to take it one step further you can blow your friends away by purchasing the Rock Band stage kit. What is in the stage kit? A fog machine and strobe lights are available that synchronize with the game. With all that in mind you would have the elements you would need to have for killer rock show right in your own home?
The Atmosphere
You now know a little bit of background behind the music, the instruments the only thing that’s left to discuss is the atmosphere around the rockers that giving their hearts and souls to a killer performance. Every rocker since the beginning of time has had one goal in mind and it is the same goal throughout the many genres of music, the one goal of a rocker is deliver a killer performance and how do you do that? You connect with the fans in the audience. Most rockers are caught up the moment sometimes and they perform their best when emotions are high. To quote a five time video gaming champion when asked about the atmosphere of the game he had this to say, “You could play all day and think your some sort of rock god, that’s how easy you can get caught up in the game,” Ryan Scott said.

With all that you now know about Rock Band would the game be considered a product of popularity? Or could the media and advertising be blamed for the wave of video game entertainment? One thing is for sure advancement in technology is inevitable it is a product of reality. Why should it be any different when it comes to entertainment for video games? In the past we had games like Donkey Kong Country, Sonic, and Dick Tracey hockey and let’s not forget to mention wrestling video games. We also have had better consoles
These days we have games such as NHL 2009, MLB game day, fight night and of course the ever popular Rock band, in terms of the fans according to them as long as there is music there will be rock and as long as there is rock there will be fans. As long as there are video games like Rock band people will talk and if they build a rock band video game they will play.

Rock Band intro
Rock Band 2 commerical

Friday, February 13, 2009

The world curses my blessing

The world curses my blessing. What do I mean by that? Let me break it down to you I was given Cerebral Palsy due to unfortunate circumstances after my birth. Now the C.P. is isolated to only one part of my body, its my legs. If you were to ask me what do I think of my own disabillity I would tell you it sucks and that I wish I could be like everyone else. (That would be my response 10 years, but these days my heart is open and lord walk with me. Indeed yes if your a parent and you have a got a child with Cerebral Palsy it for sure is tramatizing and sometimes very fustating. During my birth , my dad saw the oxygen leave my body faster than a hot air balloon rises in the sky. It enragged my father to see myself as a baby fighting for air as my face was turning blue.

How did I loose oxygen well I left in the incubator too long after birth and I was left untended. My oxygen had been turned off , because in the words of the doctor who delivered me, I was the healthest baby he had ever seen especially for being seven weeks premature. So you can imagine how my father reacted , to see a perfectly healthy baby 5 minutes earlier and then what he describes as a horryifying sight that will be in the back of his mind for the rest of his life. He Demanded answers. All they could say is that they were extremely sorry we were short of staff and he was forgotten.

Moments after my parents had spoken to the doctors about my condition. They said unfornately he suffered extreme damage to the left side of his brain and will never walk or have an ordinary life.

My father a stubborn man at times, swore that day that those words will never come true. Many opitions for care were shut down to me, the only opition for myself and parents were to get therapy 3x's a week at Thames Valley Children Centre in London Ontario. I went to Thames Valley three times a week for 4 years. As you may have guessed it was a terrible inconvience on work for my parents, not to mention gas and road trips. Spending numerous times a week in the car having bakery pizza from Angelo's Italian bakery and grocery store. Because of this my father took it upon himself to do my exercises at home. He would stretch me out for days and hours at a time many times to the point that I would scream or cry as the young chils I was.

At school things were a bit different, I was often ridiculed and misunderstood for my differences physically. I always got asked by many small kids why do you walk like that. Why don't you walk like us, like normal people do?

I was kind of taken back by all the questions because I used to literaly have little kids on the play ground following me until I amswered their questions, day after day I would recieve the same question over and over again. To all those people who want the answer of what Anthony has become, and to all those people who want the real story and real answers behind it all once an for all here it is.

1. Is living with Cerebral Palsy difficult - Yes but not to the extend that you may think.
2. Is it painful- yes it is if my bones age more and more each day.
3. Can you get an operation to fix it? No
4. If there was would you want to have the surgery? No
5. What are the operations like? What do they do to you? Its just like the board game operation except using myself as the real person.
6. How can you walk so good now? years amd years of exercising and fittness.
7. How do manage to stay upbeat when people sometimes question you about your walking. - Easy there looking at it from the wrong angle of things.
8. How many operations have you had? - 14
9. Why so many? - because my form of C.P. is less common and the least harmful to ones body, the most common problem that my type of C.P. are just random bone shifts?
10. Are you made of steel? Yes and No there are numerous parts where I was opperated on that hold plenty of steel.
11. Does the steel hurt? - No you can't even feel it because its a combo of both repaired and restructed bone and steel.
12. Is it heireitary? No it is not at all, however the unfornate circumstances are that it is common. Which sadens me in a way because with everything we know today medically incidents like this happen daily. Thats right you heard me I said it happens DAILY!

So at the end of the day why would I say that C.P. has been a blessing mainly because of this, if you randomly look at me you can't tell that I have C.P. You can only tell when I start to walk that I have some sort of problems with my legs. Instead of looking at my challenging look at what I have that I can use. I do have legs that I often, it just takes me longer to get around. I have the abillity to carry an intelligent conversation. I look the same as any of you appearence wize. Cerebral Palsy for me has been one of the most fustrating things I have ever had to deal with, but it has also given me a change to not be like everyone else and that I would be at God's right hand , anytime.... In the movie the gospel of John. Jesus encounters a man who is paralyzed and has no use of his legs and hasn't for 38 years. This man was lying on a mat outside the jewish temple. Jesus asked the man, do you want to get well? He reponded in saying "Sir everytime I try to go into the water someone always gets there before me. I have no one to put me in the water when it is stired up just right. Jesus walked over to the man knelt down and said "Get up, pick up your mat and walk."

I am this way because he blessed me and those who curse my diagnosis of C.P. look at it the wrong way. "Stop looking for things I can't do and allow me to pick up and just keep walking so I can focus on the great things that I can do.

There's a particular verse in the bible that God reminded me of the other day while watching the Gospel of John.

I can't remember the verse right now but it goes a little something like this I believe so.

The man and women could not understand the message of Jesus, but the children could because their hearts are open.
In a sense God has taken me to my childhood and is having live out my destiny. As a child I would love to entertain. I would love to talk, I would love to make short funny movies. mainly about me starring me. I think thoughs are the best kinds of movies. He has taken the openness and expressive behaviour that I enjoyed as child and combined it with my love for music and thats why Radio is the perfect job for me to be.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back in the day when I was a Teenager

This is a letter I wrote to Kutless, KJ52, Lecrae, Rebecca St. James and T-bone...

Hey People I'm writing this letter in reguards to give you all a thank you... I am a college student from a city just east of Toronto Canada. I am currently studying radio and music. The reason I am writing all of you this is because you all have played a huge instrumental role in allowing me to grow in Christ. Let me explain how, first to Kutless, hearing your music back in the year 2000 allowed me to first believe that I had a place at the right hand of Christ. I first came to Christ after loosing my grandmother due to mutiple diseases she had struggled with.

While I was younger my grandmother and grandfather raised me as there own sonm due to the fact I had a rough home life. So you can imagine how I felt inside and you could picture the tears run down my face, her death was extremely hard on me. I after her death a took a chance and spoke to a friend about God and she advised me to listen to Kutless - Sea of faces and Casting Crowns - Set me Free and Who Am I. I have to admit it was great to hear such music that really spoke to me.

As time went on I began to loose myself and my purpose I entered a new enviroment when I started in college a year ago. Everything was thrown at me, I was around people that not have Jesus in there hearts (College Residence)
I decided in my second year of college that I would walk away from that enviroment and look for a house for myself and so I took the chance. I began to surround myself with good christians. I began to influenced by positive mssages of God. I asked my christian friends if they had any good christian music. a friend began to tell me that a good song to get into is a song Shake ya body - Tbone.

That song was like anthem to me, now that was dancing in the spirit. Since than I since than searched the genres through a series of google searches and thats where came across music from Lecrae.
Praying for you - Lecrae spoke to me, as I am sure it does to many people for many different reason, but as for me when I first listened to the song it was as if the messages of my christian friends was speaking to me through music.

I can't explain why I was drawn to either music from T-Bone , KJ52 or Lecrae but if your looking for someone to blame you can look no furher than wrestler John Cena.
In the begining I began to listen to Cena quite often it was as if I was searching for a type of music that spoke to me with every song that I listened too.

As for Rebecca and Ashley I think your the perfect example for Christians.

It has been nine years since I came to Christ. I have since forgave my father for his abuse towards me, I dedicate Monday , Tuesday and Friday and of course Sunday to days for God. If you want know why in life I choose to study music and the radio. Many reasons but the one that stands out is this, when I was 8 I became a huge Metallica fan and my mother in her efforts tried to turn me away from that styke of music, in her opinion I listened to Metallica much to loud....

Growing up in Stratford Ontario Canada there was local radio station that the town listened to many days over. It was an oldies station known as CJCS 1240. I believe every kid in town listen to CJCD intentally in times of winter in hopes that the buses would be cancelled due to a snow day. Which happened quite often but "Thats Canada." My mother told me I needed a better ear for music , so on snow days she would play the album of songs from Elvis.

Nonetheless I still loved Metallica and the station I listened to many nights was FM96 London..s Best Rock. Oh man growing up I thought was the life playing awesome music like that all day would be a killer job one day. My mother was the one to finally say to me "Anthony your not going to be Rocky Ballboa or Hulk Hogan and let's face it your no artist, your sister has that talent, You should be in a job where you get paid to talk because you never to seem to ever stop talking."

I thought about and she was right I mean whenever I would want a break from the troubles at home I would lock myself in the basement and turn on the radio so loud that the yelling would be silent over the music.

I believe I have come full circle, in terms of being at crossroads. My relationship with Christ has never been better I am getting re-baptised in a month, abd I reached new heights with God through music, reading the word and of course Devo's by KJ.
Now that I have reached a fullfilling state, it makes me appreicate my past. knowing that God was there all along.

Anyway I know this letter long and props to anyone that reads this and doesn't fall asleep, Iam even suprised that I have not fallen asleep during writing this. I really should be studying , but I felt that before I studied I felt like you all should know the good your doing......

God Bless

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Turn the cameras on! - Devotional 2

I entitled this Devotional "Turn the cameras on, for the reason that the secullar world seems to be blind to the concept of Jesus Christ and what sacrifices were made on his behalf. Look at the world in the way they view the basic idea that Jesus died for them.

Look at what influenes the world today, Music , videos, and the basic form of living for yourself.... at the surface living for yourself looks good "so does an ice cream sandwhich when you first look it, but whos to say that ice cream sandwhich won't melt before you take the time to eat it."

Have you looked at the music charts lately?
The whole list/ charts is primarly based on popularity and play time. One week the chart could be Akon's "DANGEROUS." The next week Americas favourite song could be Brittney Spears Womanizer."

While those types of music is in the public eye, what about the artists who deliver a positive message about kindness, being strong and living life cause we all have a purpose.
Just to give you a couple of examples heres a couple videos.

First the Christian Videos

T-Bone - Name Droppin'

T-Bone - Can I live

The familliar music videos

Akon - Dangerous

I am asking you step back in reality maybe Kayne West was right when he Made this video

Kayne West - Jesus Walk

Think about it!

Tonights verse we look at

2 Corinthians 4:5-18

16 That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits ared]">[d] being renewed every day. 17 For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! 18 So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.

When in doubt just a quick reminder for you "Jesus gave His all to save us. Are we giving our all to serve him?


Monday, February 2, 2009

Can I Just Live?Devotional 1

Before I begin I would just like to quote some words from some of the most inspirational songs that provide a deep message......

"Break me, shape me ,mold me I'd rather die like Christ than live unholy." Lecrae

Personally people I am deeply troubked in the way the world is fallinjg thats right I said the world, the community, many societies have fallen so far down. Don't believe me , Well please allow me to convince you. Take for instance "SEX"." I don't see what the big deal is, personally I do believe sex is overated. I believe it leads to more problems than creates solutions.

The way I see the world these days is this I feel as though because the world have ignored their duties to the creator, the holy spirit and God, the lamb, the king of kings I feel as if the world's minds have been posioned. Think of the things that we are faced with daily without ever really paying attention, porno mags, late night commericals, music videos and the subliminal messages we all recieve.

In my opinion people abuse the power of sex. I do believe that sex personally is beautiful and it should not be mocked, or abused to the extent that it is today.
And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." King James Version, Genesis 1:28

The sin and doom of Godless men
3Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.

Jude 1:4 (New International Version)

4For certain men whose condemnation was written about[a] long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.

Jude 1:7 (New International Version)

7In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

Jude 1:8 (New International Version)

8In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings.


horizontal rule

This is where I do believe people have a misconception about sex, I do believe they have the misconception because they are misinformed and not aware of the full story.

I feel as if people misunderstand the meaning of Christ because people and i'm not saying everyone but some people treat a relattionship with God or Jesus much like buying a credit card......