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Monday, December 28, 2009

Take me away Inkheart - Devotional 84

Ink heart is a film based on great imagination , adventure, action, good twists and turns with an all around good plot. Now why do I bring this up, simple really when the world becomes to overwhelming for Christians. As it often does not only should we take a few steps back and allow ourselves to re-focus.

With that in mind I'm going to tell you a little story.
First I have a question for you.
When's the last time you picked up a good book?
When's the last time you let your imagination run wild when reading a book?
I have come to the conclusion that the world as we know is falling into a trap.
How does this happen? Through the power of the media. This is the very reason a society feels helpless. On a daily basis, there are more terrorizing news reports.

Don't believe me watch this?

It seems to me that when we were kids, we were read books from our school teachers, books like Goosebumps, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Outsiders, Flowers of Algernon, 50 Below. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Angels & Demons , The Da Vinci Code. The Borne series. Why less and less of imagination being lead by the actions. It seems to me that a society has to recognize that fantasy, and imagination might save the world as we know. It may allow us a society to stop walking in fear. Afraid to turn on the TV. It may allow us to get in touch with our childlike selves.

Matthew 18:2-9 (New International Version)

2He called a little child and had him stand among them. 3And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

5"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. 6But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

7"Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come! 8If your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire. 9And if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.

I personally watched the movie Inkheart just now and I said to think that's why so many Christians are focused and alert. Because they are not focused on the way the world turns but on Jesus. With that, that's how people lighten their heart. Read the word over and over again , you will see what Jesus has in store for each of us.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"The Wise Guys, and The Bad Guys" Devotional 83

Devotional 83
"The wise guys and The Bad Guys"

I bring this devotional to you today, to show you the very ways corruption can enter a family. For a while now, I have felt like my back is against the wall. Recently my family as helpful as they are with me. They are also very quick to point out mistakes and give little replay highlights to friends and fellow company that enters the house.

Lately because it is the holidays and the pressure is on, everybody seems to be under the microscope and to cope with the added pressure. I think society in general quickens the pace. For me I hate being in a rush, so as the rest of the world's pace quickens. I want to slow down.

I had mentioned earlier that everyone seems to be quick to point out my mistakes. Which in turns frustrates me. Which if it frustrates me you can imagine the riffs in family arguments. As you can see, this has made me out to be a bit like a bad guy to tge viewpoint of the rest of the family. It's left me at a loss for words, So today I went on a journey with my brother to visit my uncle. My would give me some sound advice. Just live life, and be happy. I like that, short , simple and to the point. The best part about is he didn't bicker about it with me, we actually have and always do have decent intelligent conversations. He has one thing, not to many people have the ability to do anymore. That special gift is to "have the patience to listen."

With the arguments that I have witnessed and been apart of I am reminded of this biblical parable. When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise. Proverbs 10:19

With that being said, I am reminded of this movie clip.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let the music flow into brain - 82

A professor of mine once said "Control in the room and you control your mood."

When I read the book you see above I began to understand that this professor was right.
Its understandable that music can effect our moods, it can release adrenaline, but what can music teach us about the brain.?

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” - Plato

I think Music on the brain is the exact reason of why there are Christian Rappers to combat Mainstream Rappers. Now I'm not trying to put a bad name of mainstream rappers, but I think the reason Christian artists are out there promoting good music for the soul is because of the way people interpret some harsh and hardcore lyrics.

So How do I use music, for one I used music to compound and or decrease depression again going back to "Control the music in the room and you control your mood."

Sam. 16:15 Saul's attendants said to him, "See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you. 16Let our lord command his servants here to search for someone who can play the harp. He will play when the evil spirit from God comes upon you, and you will feel better." 17So Saul said to his attendants, "Find someone who plays well and bring him to me." 18One of the servants answered, "I have seen a son of Jesse of Bethlehem who knows how to play the harp. He is a brave man and a warrior. He speaks well and is a fine-looking man. And the LORD is with him." 19Then Saul sent messengers to Jesse and said, "Send me your son David, who is with the sheep." 20So Jesse took a donkey loaded with bread, a skin of wine and a young goat and sent them with his son David to Saul. 21David came to Saul and entered his service. Saul liked him very much, and David became one of his armor-bearers. 22Then Saul sent word to Jesse, saying, "Allow David to remain in my service, for I am pleased with him." 23Whenever the spirit from God came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is being SAVED even an opition these days? - Devotional 81

My depression written in my own words.

I pose this question, is being SAVED even an option anymore? Its estimated that 62.1% of Americans have been through depression from 18 years and up. I know from my experience dealing with depression is not an easy thing to go through. From my experienced, everything was very hazy for me, I often lost focus, I often lost the will to eat. and sleeping was hell for me. I slept during the day, and even when I woke up I was extremely tired. I could pass for a zombie. I ruined my body for the time that I was depressed. You must understand that going through depression is not just one bad day. It slowly feels like your world crashes down around you and you feel helpless because its happening. All the people that have been through depression have one common goal, when is it going to end? How can I change my circumstances - in other words.

I would say that I went through depression due to a series of bad choices. I literally felt like a caged animal just screaming to get out. But no matter what I did or said no one could hear me. Because no one heard me, I began to worsen. I felt like nothing would ever go right for me. Now its no secret that I am blessed with money. That is due to my physical circumstances. So I am blessed in that way that I don't have to worry about having and or not having dollars and cents.

What makes matters worse is that March 1, 2009 I was baptized , a renewed spirit if you will. I had a clean slate. I loved the annoting. For a time, I say for a time, because I had no idea was headed my way. In the beginning of my "Christian walk" I read, and understand the many verses of the bible and ate it , drank it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Pastor Chris - often said because I was writing devotionals everyday or on a weekly basis that I was quote "On fire for Jesus." unquote. I have to admit I was feeling on top of the world, dare I stay, I was feeling "invincible." As I am I am a big believer in fitness. One day I was feeling so good, so pumped I decided to do something stupid, I lifted some weight on the shoulder 60 pounds over my limit. Don't ask me why I did it, like I said before, I was pumped and had a huge adrenaline rush. So I did it. I shoulder pressed 180 pounds in 3 sets of 12. After it was done, I felt pretty good. I felt on top of the world. Like I could do absolutely anything. So when I was finished the workout, I stated to run for the transit bus, and I was going to jog home. I had that much adrenaline. When I got home, I was excited because I was going to big meal of spaghetti, chicken, some veggies, and finish it off with a protein shake.
Before , I got home, I stopped in to check out a film starring John Cena. I believe the film was "12 rounds." Why did I rent it, because Cena's the man, wait is that where I loose ya , don't worry , this is a devotional so I won't spent too much time praising Cena. So back to the devotional I was watching 12 Rounds and it was pretty kickin" I'm not going to lie. It had tons of action twists and turns. The whole sha-bang. The movie went a bit. I started to feel pain in my chest, and all the sudden my adrenaline sky rocketed My heart was pumping out my chest, so in a panic I called emerge. Sure enough they came by 5 minutes later. The time was 1:30 AM and I told them what I was feeling so I was loaded in the back of the ambulance I was taken to St. Marys Hospital in Kitchener Ontario.

I did some x-rays, and nothing was found. They tested my tissue, by some sort of gel machine. Indeed they suspected that I tore my pectoral muscle. in places. I asked about surgery and they didn't say to much because I was a college student and they really didn't want me to miss to much school. So they opt not to do the surgery. Which left me in more pain. They suggested that I go for intense therapy, so I did. and than I would ask them if there was anything I could do at home. They only said. Put a heating pad or ice pack on your chest, to cut the inflammation down. I just looked at them and rolled my eyes. I did this because I was in serve pain and I would and up going to emerge 3 times after the injury for the same reason.

So I would suffer and suck it up and fight through the pain for the entire summer. In the middle of June. I went to my doctor and I told him about my injury and he told me to stay away from the gym for a couple months. I felt lost when he told me that, because the gym had become like my home, it was where I felt most comfortable. It was part of my life. I worked out there 6 days a week. I felt so lost with no gym how was the rest of my summer going to go. I felt miserable. I am big fan of wrestling probably in the entire world. So I frequently watch WWE and TNA I have to openly admit it was hard for me to watch wrestling program because they were the guys I looked up to, they were the guys that would motivate me to go to the gym in the first place. I'm going to openly admit I cried for about a month, while watching wrestling programing. Why would I cry , because I honestly felt like I let them down. I felt worthless. The only council received was from my church friends Chris and Frank. I sometimes think it's because the them that I would get through the summer. But it began to become very hard on me, because they suggested that I read the word and pray , but honestly when I read the the bible, it didn't seem to have the same effect on me. I think that was because I was injured so badly. I questioned if God even existed and asking him where he was many nights. I was going through what seemed to the roughest part of my life at such a young age of 24.

So finally school came around and I thought to myself, OK here we go kid, put your game face on, its the fourth quarter. But rather than distract me from my depression it would become worse. I would fall in with bad circumstances, with my injury, school and college living. I began to crack, my school work that I was so pumped about doing started to slump. My fitness started to slump, my health would slump. I would eventually seek help from many people including school councilors, nutritionists. I was so proud, I didn't really tell anybody the whole truth. I was too proud, I was raised that men don't have problems. So I would stick my chest out and just push on, it would eventually catch up with me. I began to only eat, every other day, sleep only in the day time and all the while have thoughts of helplessness. I often went to school councilors and they suggested the stupidest thing ever. A Conestoga College relaxation CD. After 2 weeks, it never worked. My nerves were at an all time high. My eyes were always blood shot. My heart rate was up. considerably. No matter what I continue to deny myself, in lying to myself that it was just a faze. But as my school work, health started to slump, it was only a matter of a short time before I would cry my out eyes and ask God what's wrong with me. Is this some kind of punishment? If it is, I don't want it. But I had no choice. So when I gave in, I would seek help from the gym trainers, ALEX, Nutritionists Malcolm, Dylan and George at Atlantis Nutrition. I would buy everything I could for stress. Including: Gaba, with Vitamin B6 complex, Rescue Remedy, Cy gen Laboratories Multivitamin,

I would buy, books such as The Secret, Hulk Hogan - My life outside the ring, Help me I'm STRESSED! By Joyce Meyer, STRESS LESS By Doc Don Colbert. and Shaken not shattered by Mathew Hagee. Nothing was working , the only thing that really worked was when I would read Shaken not Shattered by Mathew Hagee and Don Colbert Stress Less. I think they worked so much because they provided cubical principles and the reason I was able to accept them so well. Because I ran out of options and pride. So I just accepted God's help.
So the reason I would pose the question is being SAVED even an option these days is because I failed in my faith, but when I tried to do it myself it didn't quite work. I ran to God when I was out of options and on my knees asking and begging for help. The only way he was able to help me if I TRUSTED only him! That's when the depression started to clear and I could see better days ahead. As I look back on all this it now seems so easy, and stupid on my part at the same time. If I wasn't so proud I wouldn't have the lost the connection I had with God that I had in the first place. My friend Kyle Thibealt told me recently that I wanted to be the man, I was too proud to ask for help. So Although I wasn't looking for a kind of intervention with my friends Nathan Innes, Kyle Thibeault, Naser Kazmi, and Brandon Nahrgang it was much needed and Ryan Scott.

7"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Cut the strings Devotional 80

I'm here today to talk about balance. Balance in a families life, school life and personal life. What happens when you as an individual accepts Christ, makes that transformation. The rest of your doesn't understand the life your leading? I will tell you what happens, a lot of crossed wires. It's natural that when you as a person grows up he will distant himself from his family in order so that he can find his own destiny. What happens when your mother goes out her way to protect you and you choose not to stand alone but have the family there more for moral support. What happens is a battle , the battle lines are drawn and words are said out of anger and rage that wouldn't normally be said in any other circumstance.

What happens when the brother that you grew up in the shadow of distances himself from you, can't you imagine how hard it is going to be on the other brother? It can be very painful. We as people are proud people, proud of our heritage. I was raised on morals that were based on compassion, knowledgeable and love. My family on the other hand was raised under the morals of being hard heated and straight shooters. Its the best of both worlds, but I am quickly seeing where the world ends and the Lord Jesus begins working in me.

So the next time the people of the world , get on your case, remember two things.

James 1:19-25 (New International Version)

Listening and Doing
19My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires. 21Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.
22Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. 23Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror 24and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. 25But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it—he will be blessed in what he does.

"The message is TRUE with your eyes on God everything will be alright."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"A happy heart is a healthy heart" Devotional 79

One of my friends favourite slogans to say is Live ,Laugh and Love. Until yesterday I didn't think anything of it. just thought it was some sort of girl "thing." As I have written in my devotionals for many months now , I am a bit depressed. In fact studies suguest that 62.2% in America are depressed from ages 18 and up. So why would I write a devotional with the title of A happy heart isa healthy heart? Well it's very simple because the saying is true. Same thing this saying , "It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. As I have been reading Mathew Hagee's book "Shaken not Shattered teaches valueable princples that anybody so really take a look at. The lessons have given me the principles to stand tall and strong in faith. One of the biggest lessons I learned , I learned yesterdat as I read the chapter about being joyful. I know sometims it can be difficult to be joyful in a world like this, witht so much going on , so many situations going on that can get you down. But you have to understand , when you make a choice to be happy , or sad , the bottom line is you made that choice. You have the power to choose the way you want the world to see you. Be joyful everyday leads to a happy and healthy heart.
Where just the opposite happens to a person that is sad or angry. His or her heart, hardens. So what are you waiting for? When will you choose to be joyful. Tomorrow? Next Week, Next Month or NOW!!! The choice is upto you.


The first thing we must do to be free from our stress and our worry is to come unto Jesus. Without Him, our life has no real purpose or depth. We simply run from one activity to another, seeking to fill our lives with purpose, peace, and happiness. "All man's efforts are for his mouth, yet his appetite is never satisfied." (Ecc. 6:7). Things haven't changed much since the days of King Solomon. We work ourselves to the bone for the things we desire, only to crave more.

If we do not know our real purpose in life; our reason for existing, life is very meaningless indeed. Yet, God created each of us with a special purpose in mind. There is something that needs to be done on this earth that can only be done by you. Much of the stress that we carry springs from the fact that we don't know who we are or where we are going. Even Christians who know that ultimately they are going to heaven when they die, are still anxious in this lifetime because they do not really know who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them. No matter who we are, we are bound to have tribulation in this life. It is unavoidable, but having trouble in this life is not the issue anyway. The real issue is how we react to it. That is where stress is born. The trials we face in this world will either break us or make us strong.

"I will show you who he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them in to practice. He is like a man building a house who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came the torrents struck that house but could not shake it because it was well built." Luke 6:48. Jesus didn't say that once we built our house on the rock that everything would be perfect. No, He said that a flood came in torrents smashing against the house. The key is that the house was built on the rock of Jesus, and the rock of putting His words into practice. Is your house built on Jesus? Did you dig your foundation deep into Him, or was the house hastily erected? Is your salvation based on a prayer you prayed once or is it growing out of a committed relationship to Him? Do you come to Him every day, every hour? Are you putting His words into practice in your life, or do they lie there like dormant seed?

"Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--His good, pleasing and perfect will." Romans 12:1-2

Until you have fully committed yourself to God, until your foundation is dug deep into Him, you will never be able to discern what His perfect will is for your life. When the storms of life come, as they are bound to do, you will only worry and fret and walk around with an ache in your back. Who we are under pressure reveals who we really are. The storms of life wash away the thin veneer that we present to the world and expose what lies in our heart. God, in His mercy, allows the storms to hit us so we will turn to Him and be cleansed of the sin that we were never able to perceive in times of ease. We can either turn to Him and receive a soft heart in the midst of all our trials, or we can turn away and harden our heart. The hard times in life will either make us pliable and merciful, full of faith in God, or angry and brittle, full of doubt and unbelief.


"If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31). Ultimately, there are only two motivating factors in life: fear or faith. Until we truly know that God is for us, loves us, cares about us personally and hasn't forgotten us, we will base our life's decisions on fear. All fear and worry stems from a lack of faith in God. You may not think you are walking in fear, but if you aren't walking in faith, you are. Stress is a form of fear. Worry is a form of fear. Worldly ambition is rooted in a fear of being overlooked--of being a failure. Many relationships are based on the fear of being alone. Vanity is based on a fear of being unattractive and unloved. Greed is based on a fear of poverty. Even anger and rage are based on the fear that there is no justice, no escape, no hope. Fear breeds selfishness, which is the exact opposite of God's character. Selfishness breeds pride and indifference to others. All of these are sin and must be dealt with accordingly. Stress arises when we try to serve both ourselves (our fears), and God at the same time (which is impossible to do). "Unless the Lord builds the house, it's builders labor in vain...In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat." (Psalm 127:1-2).

The Bible says that when everything else is stripped away, only three things remain: faith, hope, and love--and that love is the greatest of the three. Love is the force that drives out our fear. "There is no fear in love but perfect love drives out fear, for fear has a torment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." (1 John 4:18). The only way we can get rid of our anxieties is to look them in the eye and deal with them at the root. If we desire for God to make us perfect in love, we will have to repent of every bit of fear and worry that we have clung to instead of Him. We may not like to face some of those things that are in us, but we must if we are ever to be free from them. If we are not merciless with our sin, it will be merciless on us. It will drive us like the most wicked of slavemasters. Worst of all, it will keep us from communion with God.

Jesus said in Matthew 13:22, "The one who received the seed that fell among the thorns is the man who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke it, making it unfruitful." It is extraordinary what tremendous power there is in even the littlest things to distract us from God. We must stand our ground, and refuse to let the thorns choke out the seed of the Word. The devil knows that if he can distract us with all the cares of this world, we will never be a threat to him or fulfill the call that is on each our lives. We will never bear any fruit for the kingdom of God. We will fall far below God's intended place for us. Yet, God wants to help us to do our best in every situation that we face. That is all He asks--that we trust in Him, put Him first, and do the best we can. After all, most other circumstances that we worry about are beyond our control anyway. What a waste of time worrying is! If we only worried about the things that we have any direct control over, we would reduce our worrying by 90%!

Paraphrasing the Lord's words in Luke 10:41-42, Jesus is saying to each one of us, "You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Choose what is better and it will not be taken from you." Isn't it wonderful that the only thing that cannot ever be taken from us, is the only thing we really need anyway? Choose to sit at the Lord's feet and listen to His words and learn from Him. By so doing, you are putting a deposit of true riches into your heart, if you guard those words and put them into practice. If you are not daily spending time with Him and reading His Word, you are opening the door of your heart to the birds of the air who will steal the seeds of life deposited there, and leave worry in their place. As for our material needs, they will be taken care of when we seek Jesus first. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow will take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." Matthew 6:33.

God has blessed us with a most powerful tool; His Living Word, the Bible. If used properly, it is a spiritual sword; separating our faith from our fear, drawing a clean line between the holy and the vile, cutting away the excess and bringing forth the repentance which leads to life. Stress merely indicates an area of our life where our flesh is still on the throne. The life that is totally submitted to God is marked by the trust born out of a thankful heart.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27 (KJV).


How it must grieve God to see His children walking around in such misery! The only things we really need in this life, He already purchased for us at Calvary through a terrible, agonizing, and lonely death. He was willing to give everything for us, to make a way for our redemption. Are we as willing to do our part? Are we willing to lay our lives down at His feet, and take His yoke upon us? For if we do not walk in His yoke, we are bound to walk in another. We can either serve the Lord who loves us, or the devil who is bent on destroying us. There is no middle ground, nor is there a third option. Praise God that He made a way out of the cycle of sin and death for us! When we were completely helpless against the sin that raged in us and compelled us to run from God, He had mercy on us and ran after us, though we only cursed His Name. He is so tender and patient with us, not willing for even one to perish. A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out. (Matthew 12:20). Are you bruised and broken? Is your flame dimly flickering? Come to Jesus now!

"Come all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend your money on what is not bread and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; hear me that your soul may live!" Isaiah 55:1-3.


When all is said and done, there are still times when we all face incredibly difficult circumstances that have an awesome power to destroy us. The best way to counteract stress in those times, is to begin to praise God and thank Him for His countless blessings in our lives. The old adage "count your blessings" really is true. In spite of everything, there are so many blessings woven throughout our lives that many of us do not even have the eyes to see them. Even if your situation seems hopeless, God is still worthy of all your praise. God delights in a heart that will praise Him no matter what the bankbook says, our family says, our time schedule says, or any other circumstance that would try to exalt itself against the knowledge of God. As we praise and bless the name of the Most High, everything else in this world begins to pale and fade away against the sheer loveliness of who He is.

Think of Paul and Silas, feet bound in stocks in a dark prison with a jailer standing guard over them. (Acts 16:22-40). They had just been severely flogged, ridiculed and attacked by a huge crowd of people. Instead of fearing for their lives, or becoming angry at God, they began to praise Him, singing out loud, careless of who might hear or judge them. As they began to praise Him, their hearts were soon overflowing with the joy of the Lord. The song of those two men who loved God more than life itself began to flow through them like a river of liquid love into their cell and out into the entire prison. Soon, there was a flood of warm light bathing the whole place. Every demon there began to flee in utter terror of that praise and love to the Most High. Suddenly, an amazing thing happened. A violent earthquake shook the prison, the doors flew open, and everybody's chains came loose! Praise God! Praise always brings freedom, not only for ourselves, but for those around us who are bound up as well.

We must get our mind off of ourselves and the problems we face and onto the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. One of the miracles of a life transformed by God is that we can be thankful always, and praise Him in all situations. This is what He commands us to do, for He knows better than we do that the joy of the Lord is our strength. God does not owe us anything, but He has made a way for us to receive every good thing anyway, because He loves us! Is that not a reason for celebration and thanksgiving?

"Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior. The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer and enables me to go on the heights." Habakkuk 3:17-19.

"Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; Who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy soul with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's." Psalm 103:1-5 (KJV).

Won't you take some time right now to re-commit your life to the Lord? If you don't know Him, ask Him into your heart. If you do know Him tell Him that you want to know Him better. Confess your sins of worry, fear and lack of faith and tell Him that you want Him to replace those things with faith, hope and love. No one serves God by his own strength--we all need the power and the strength of the Holy Spirit to permeate our lives and continually lead us back to the precious cross, back to the Living Word. You can make a fresh start with God, starting this very minute. He will fill your heart with a brand new song, and joy unspeakable and full of glory!

"But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and you shall go forth, and grow up (leap) like calves released from the stall." Malachi 4:2. (KJV)

Monday, December 21, 2009

To be the man - Devotional 78

Ever since I can remember a classic line has always stuck in my brain.

"To be the man, you have to beat the man." - Ric Flair.
To put it simpler terms does TV influence the decisions people make in society? If so how?
How does war child. or UNICEF, or even world vision convince people to help them out. The answer is quite simple sympathetic value.

So I have one more question for you as a society, are we desensitized by sex and violence? I say yes we are, because after you see a film over and over again you will need more blood , guts, violence and sex scenes to get what people call a shock value factor.

For a while now I have been depressed an felt down because I committed adultery and I felt bad about it. Much like I did something wrong and I couldn't seem to get past it. My first Kyle said to me, "Don't feel bad , you made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. You jumped the gun, because you wanted to be the man."

When I thought about it, I am remembered of this verse in Romans, 2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

He will not Forsake you! - Devotional 77

So this past four months have not been the easiest for me. I suffered from severe stress. I was in a world I did not belong. I fell in some with some bad people. I confronted them on their behavior and they made my life "pure hell and so stressful." I felt like my insides were tearing me apart from the inside out. Little did I know that I was getting signals from God to TAKE ACTION! I never did, I never even took it to God in prayer. So because I didn't take to God in prayer , so he didn't forsake me, I forsake him. I felt unbalanced and so I went to the nutrition store and the local wellness stores. I was consumed by stress, and than Christmas break came and I felt forsaken , by my family because they didn't believe any of the issues were going on. On top of that, I had an argument, so you can imagine the stress in both houses. To cope with the stress I turned to devotional writing, reading scripture and health books. I found something out very interesting from a book I was reading, entitled Stress - Less Written by Don Colbert M.D. In Colbert's book I would learn on page 18 and chapter 3 that God created the Fight- or Flight in the human body so that man could defend himself. We don't face attacks from animals anymore, but we-have the stress of business and financial. family argument and even school , the body reacts. This is evident.

I would learn after reading the book that it is not healthy to cope with that stress.

After reading that, I am reminded of this scripture

Matthew 6:24-34 (New International Version)

24"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

Do Not Worry
25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life[a]?
28"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? 31So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' 32For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The magic fish- Devotional 76

Do you understand the magic power of fish. Now by that I don't mean they can jump out of the water, like they do in those Harry Potter films, I mean do you wish have healing powers. How so? Well I don't hide the fact that I become some what of a health nut. I did this for many reasons, first because thee youth of life is on my side. Secondly I have seen people come and go in my family faster than I can blink an eye. Here one day, gone the next. Well it servesas though time may have caught up to me in the business of lifes stressors. Its reaking havoc on my body. I guess its the concept of "you reap what you sew.

Well as my busy life would just keep going none stop, I was mad men, never slowing down for one single day, not even to take a seconf to eat, I lost alot of weight in the summer, because I was depressed due to an injury I suffered in the gym. Tearing muscles in my chest, from there I became very depressed, I didn't feel like much of man. The gym was all I knew. It became part of my routine, and for me having to step back a bit and take some time off I went through a major change. I lost my apitite and began to drop weight considerably. My mood began to change,ed to my body didn't rest, I could never sleep like I said it went through major changes.

When school started my conditon started to worsen. The stressors of school would eventually catch me for a loop. Here's the funny thing I actually loved going to school, because I got to interact with friends, but living at home was different story. I ran into major tiffs with my roomates and we budded heads on several ocasions. So with all that stress going on, you can see why I turned to natural suppliments and nutrious foods. The idea was to have the body heal itself. Here in lies the problem I'm a sympathetic guy so I get very emotionally involved with people. So it stewed on my brain.

My body really started to breakdown it was as if my body had no more gas to the muscles. My blood pressure went, up, heartrate went up, my adrenalone also. I was a messed, I felt cage like an animal screaming to get out. But no one was listening. Than one night I sat down with my family to eat supper. I ate spaghetti with a side of fish. I don't know what happened next, but all the sudden after eating the fish my body nornalized it self. My BP, HR, and adrenaline all dropped and I felt incredible. Better than I have in years. So when I ruled out my protein drink, I started to remember what I ate, "fish" I google fish and sure enough it is quoted as saying fish is good for the heart.

So I prayed with joy in my heart that the thought of stress would be over. After praying I am reminded of a time written in Mathew where Jesus would feed 5000 people with just two fish and five loves of bread.
13When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns. 14When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.
15As evening approached, the disciples came to him and said, "This is a remote place, and it's already getting late. Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food."

16Jesus replied, "They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat."

17"We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish," they answered.

18"Bring them here to me," he said. 19And he directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. 20They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. 21The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The source Devotional 75

As I sit here and meditate on the word, in the backround I can hear the distant rumbling of a saviair 5000 power heater. and I wonder what it must take to heat up a home, or to even go furthur what the bill must look like at the end of the moth. I make it no secret that I have become very health conicenous over the past few years. I make this chocie due to a series of unfortunate circumstances. Recently I have been under an incredible amount of stress. Which is the very reason I began to write these devotionals, because it was a way for me to step away from the ways of the world a bit and take a breather and reconnect with God. When I say reconect with God people look at me funny, and pose the question, what do you mean. Well what I mean is that sometimes the world can be a stressful place even for us Christians. Every couple days or on a daily basis it's ok to want to take a few steps back and want to collect your thoughts and express them to God. In that way you are taking the time to reconnect with your source. God is your source.

PSALM 75:6-7 NKJ
6 For exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south.
7 But God is the Judge: He puts down one, and exalts another.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hogan the hero - Devotional 74

This is the devotional of how a lie on screen changed my life for the better. Now you may say to yourself, just how on earth did a lie change your life for the better? Well anybody who is anybody knows who Hulk Hogan is. If you don't take a moment to think about where have you been for the past 20 years and than give your head a shake.

Hulk Hogan had a catchphrase and million upon millions of little boys and girls ate it up. Including me. I think I was the one that was so connected to whole persona that is Hulk Hogan that I bought it hook, line and sinker. How do you ask? Reemember those movies he used to star in? Like Suburban Commando, Mr. Nanny, No Holds Barred, etc. Whenever I saw Hulk on the movie screen I couldn't distingush the difference between his character in the films and the ring. It was very hard for me to do so, I guess thats why and how I bought into the whole Eat vitamins, train and say your prayers routine.

How can you not get into something like that?

Throughout my life I have faced enormous struggles, I'm have conquered the odds, and I have done it all on three simple rules Eat your vitamins , train, and say your prayers. How? Ever since I was little I also believed that there was a God. It continues till this day.
I have been training for as long as I can remember this is because of the surgeries that I had to endure and go through I had to always rehab.
I've been on protein shakes, multivitamins, ensures, 3% milk for as long as I can remember. So trading in the college journalism degree for a degree in fittness isn't that far off base if you really look at my life. "Life is indeed filled with a series of circumstance sthat require you to be a person of action and sacrifice in order for you to enjoy the best things in life. " Shaken not Shattered, Mathew Hagee.

The Masks - Devotional 73

I think this mask (seen above is the most recgonizable mask that the 21st century knows about. Why?, because it is associated with the movie V for Vendetta. Now, why do I bring up the topic of masks, well its simple we all wear one. If you don't think so, than think about how you act around your friends and than apply that same awareness, when being around your parents. Now I have had a real rough time and have had a rough go at life lately, because I am trying to indentify just who I am. To my friends I'm Rocky, Killer or Antwan. To my family I'm known as Anthony. Each group of people having their own perspections about how I am as a person. I am known as Rocky, Killer and or Antwan because of what I portray about myself. I'm known to my friends as the boy that never gives up, NEVER. I'm known as the guy who endures and comes through it all for the better than ever. One day a few weeks ago I was down about a sitiuation I was having about trying to get the attention of people. My friend who will not be named due to privacy rights told me. "You have to figure who you are? Stop trying to be something your not example : actors do a good job as that. She than went over a long list of transfermations I went through in my life. I did this in an effort to turn things around. I became an "uber Christian" as she described it. Thats another word for bible thumper. Everybody hated me, I spoke up about left wing issues and stood directly to the right.
I tried to make the other kids like me, I really did. But I soon found out very quick life is not about the girls you talk to, the clothes you wear, the group you hang out with. Its about your integrity. Thats right I said integrity, whats that mean, well to have integrity you have to be willing to reveal some of your face every once and a while. If your flaws and mistakes are expossed , than don't fret , because atleast your being your real self. Later that night after hearing a bit of those encouraging words I felt high, let I could conquer the world or something. What my friend was talking to me about is my own integrity and whether I would be game enough to weather the storm. Oddly enough I had no idea what she was talking about, all I know is that it made me feel like a million bucks. It wasn't until I started to read Shaken not Shattered by Mathew Hagee, I am reminded of many things from his book. * "A person of integrity is willing to be geniune and sincere even if means being vulnerable and exposing weakness."
* " If a man hasn't discoved something he will die for than he isn't fit to live" Dr. Martin Lurther King Jr.
* "No man can wear one face for any considerable period and multipules to the other." Nathaniel Hawthrone
* " When it comes to giving, the sacrifice is measured not the size of the check."
* "Failure is nothing more than the end of an oppertunity and the beginning of a next."

Heres a funny , yet true example of what I mean when I say we all wear masks. I often said that actors are good at that sort of thing, take a look at this movie clip from 1994. When Stanley Impkus "becomes The Mask. See how his personality is changed.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shaken not Shattered - Lesson 1 - Devotional 72

I've had a rough at life lately. I slipped into feeling lonely and depressed. I live in a house full of girls, but yet there is no bond. I still utterly alone. Sometimes I wonder, why I even get out of bed. I also wonder why at 4A.M. I'm still staring at the bright white screen , the light shinning off my computer screen. Why can't seem to find a way out of the missery. Book after Book I search for answers , but even the Bible seems hazy to me. What do I do? where do I turn?

It all seemed to float away, after I smelled the smell of drug all too often. No friends, No communication just loneliness. I talked with consoulers on a weekly basis and they addressed the issue, but never really accomplished any stradgeies.

That was just a little sample of how I was feeling these couple first months of school. So I went on a quest to search for answers. I picked up Hulk Hogan's My life outside the ring. I would pick up that because I am without a shout of a doubt the biggest Hulk Hogan fan there is in the universe. In that book He would reveal things I never knew, from seeing his character persona carried out on TV. The most interesting piece he would reveal is a book "The Secret, by Ryhonda Byrne. Of course if Hulk read it I would have to pick it up. I figured it was a way for me to get out of my depression. But when I bought the DVD abd book I got an errie feeling like something was not right. I turned tp one of the pastors of the local church and he gave me his opinion on the book. I have to say after hearing his side of the arguement, I kind of agree with him. My pastor had said , the secret book may teach you to become your own master rather than have God as your master.

Here's a clip.... See for yourselves.

The Secret uses the objective like you will pocess what you pursue? In many cases that it true. But one thing it doesn't talk much about reconnecting with God. In that way we become boastful.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Time to rebuild - Devotional 71

John 2:19 (New International Version)

19Jesus answered them, "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days."

As you can see above the image you see is that of a 3D model of high rise building. Before investors could give workers the money to build such a structure. The finacial keepers had to go to the developers and designers to tell them how they want the buildings built.
In John 2:19 Jesus answers the priests and says: "Destroy this temple and I shall raise it up in three days. He of course meant not the actual building but himself.

Sometimes as Christians we caught and divided into 3 areas of operation. Ourselves, The World and the Spiritual. Sometimes we let dismay get the better of us. Sometimes we crawl so far into dismay , we barely recgonize ourselves in the mirrors of our homes.

Thats when we as Christians look up to God for answers but the problem is that we should never stop looking up. Evem in times of immense joy. We should be thankful and we are in difficult situations we run to the Lord for comfort. No matter what he is always there. Now I have been going throgh some rough times and it is sometimes understable that I can be stubborn at times.

We all have this fighting spirit and conquering mentallity that we are invincable , unstoppable and most of in control. But the moment that we take our eyes of Christ. We often find ourselves in the dark with a fiashlight in one hand and batteries in the other. There's only one problem with that. Your in the dark. How are you going to put batteries in the flashlight if you can't see?

I have felt like that, recently so I ask God to help me through the times of darkness allow me to see the bigger picture and strengthen me. so that I can experience immense joy. When the trials are over and a new day has come. Let me never take my eyes off you again....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The sleep journal/ daily endurance Devotional 70

Something I learned from Dr, Creflo Dollar is the stressors that experienced such as no sleep it leaves me tired. Feeling depressed and uselss. I oftened turned to herbal suppliments and teas. I did this without turning to God. I didn't do this is because "the world" would become to stressful to live in but incase you were wondering if God really did anything for me. My answer is YES! Listening to the world from Creflo Dollar about the message that God has for me puts me in a great state of peace. So this christmas for me isn't going to be about toys, and cash. Instead I'm going to RUN TO GOD, for every sense of peace in my life.

Goc bless
Psalm 82
1God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.

2How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.

3Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.

4Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

5They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.

6I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

7But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

8Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pick yourself up Daddy said Devotional 69

I garuntee anybody who is anybody has heard of this slogan once or twice in their life. That slogan is, If YOU fall down pick yourself up...
For me that wasn`t just a saying for around the house, that was a way of life. As a child I never could get my feet right with my balance, everytime I fall , my father would say `Anthony get yourself up.`I did that. Eventually my father got tired of seeing me fall all the time so he did the best thing. He took action and when I say action I don`t mean he took me to baseball games and we shared popcorn. I mean physical action.
My father would be one who would train me, so that I would be in the best physical shape that I could ever be in. My father trained me like Rocky, and no that is not a pun it actually happened.

Training for me began at age 13-14. I was to eat eggs like people drink water. Every morning my father would say I would have to drink 3 eggs so that I could be bigger and stronger. I would have large portions of pasta, meat , rice and vegatables on a daily basis. But I`m a small guy and really didn`t put on weight for all that I was eating, So to regualate my weight, I was put on a protein shake and started going to the gym. Well alot of people don`t know how I got to the gym, I`ll tell you... His name is HULK HOGAN. The first time I saw him on TV it was Hogan vs the Warrior. I said to my dad I want to be just like him.

In this commerical you see here, that kid resembled me and what I thought I should look like.

Than as I got older, I started to get busy and had less and less time for the gym. So eventually it became a none existant priority.
That all changed the moment I saw a video of John Cena working out....
Thus brought me back to my home away from home the gym. John Cena and I actually share a painful injury that we both suffered. A torn pectorol.

Coming back from an injury like that was not easy for me, mainly because I am very unique in the sense that my body differs from a regular adult. Because I have C.P. No save your pittu for the dogs... I don`t want it...For ,e it was difficult because my injury was very painful. I did ask for surgery, but doctors refused many times. Thinking that it would heal natrually. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER sitting around made the injury worse and it was hell on my mental state.

To get back to GOODLIFE I hired a trainer, to help me eat well, exercise properly and get results. My pectoral injury happened in the gym when I did the stupidest thing I could ever do which is lift 180 pounds. Now I did it, and I was so happy I called my father and said I did it dad just for you. I AM STRONG. But the downside to that is , because the weight itself was 180 I used my entire body to lift the weight. BAD IDEA, You know those WWE don;t try at home commericals , well yeah pretty much the same thing but with the workout.

With that being said, I have plenty of stress from time, to time. The gym itself is a great stress relief. However in the words of John Cena, I will Adapt and OVERCOME. Psalm 91

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. [a]

2 I will say [b] of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."

3 Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare
and from the deadly pestilence.

4 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

5 You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,

6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.

7 A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.

8 You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.

9 If you make the Most High your dwelling—
even the LORD, who is my refuge-

10 then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your tent.

11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;

12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

13 You will tread upon the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.

16 With long life will I satisfy him
and show him my salvation."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just a reminder- Devotional 68

When I need a reminder of why I write these devotionals I watch this....

Matthew 7:7-12 (Contemporary English Version)

Ask, Search, Knock
(Luke 11.9-13)
7Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you. 8Everyone who asks will receive. Everyone who searches will find. And the door will be opened for everyone who knocks. 9Would any of you give your hungry child a stone, if the child asked for some bread? 10Would you give your child a snake if the child asked for a fish? 11As bad as you are, you still know how to give good gifts to your children. But your heavenly Father is even more ready to give good things to people who ask.

12Treat others as you want them to treat you. This is what the Law and the Prophets [a] are all about.

The authenic God- Devotional 67

Ray Comfort once said in a debate with RRS squad, that if there is a painting, there must be a painter. He was of course refering to God as the painter and earth as the painting.

Through the ages atheism was known as scientific intelligence to explore significant meaning for the world. Even in times in the 1500's the enlightened minds of scientists still gave create to a higher power , that higher power is simply known as God. The first and the last, Alfa and Omega. These days scientists or people that develope certain theories credit themselves as atheists and actually go out to denounce faith.

Do you know that it took the compliant of one mother in the U.S. to get prayer out of schools....

This video is an interesting one....

Case in pointt.. Take a valued lesson from Romans 1:16 Stand up. "Do not be ashamed of the very word of God."

Who said Jesus can't have a sense of humor?
Look at this and you might see it another way.

So the next time you look outside, stare at the wonders of God's beautiful creation.....

Blessed is the LORD!!!!!

Romans 1:20-22 (New International Version)

20For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

21For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools

Friday, October 23, 2009

The cover girl - Devotional 66

I was watching this commerical last night and it was a commerical to reduce the look of wrinkles andd lines from a womens face. Taking nearly ten years off her face, and it was as if she was molded in a new them. The advertisers would have just love that line. Well Monday evening I pointed a sin out to one of my roomates and she did everything to blame others. Leaving me in a bit of distress because of the disagreement. The whole reason the woman got mad is because I showed what her sin was to her.
8 The LORD is compassionate and gracious,
slow to anger, abounding in love.

9 He will not always accuse,
nor will he harbor his anger forever;

10 he does not treat us as our sins deserve
or repay us according to our iniquities.

11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
so great is his love for those who fear him;

12 as far as the east is from the west,
so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

13 As a father has compassion on his children,
so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him
She claims to know what the law says. Yet she continues to live an Holy life. In the eyes of the father that is a much worse offense than someone who does not know the law and breaks it.

She may say that God is a forgiving God, and that would true, but just how many times is he going to give a chance at forgiveness and refuse to praise him for that?

I am reminded of the psalmsist when they wrote.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have a drink and LIFE on Jesus! Devotional 65

Have you felt like nothing was ever going right for you. Have you ever struggled with something you just didnt understand. In times of trouble , what do you do. I find that its often easy to go to God when bad things happen. I find more people goto God in troubled times than happy times. Why is that, in happy times dont you have good health, a beating heart, food on the table. So instead of going to God just tin sorrow why dont we also go to God in times to be thankful.... I mean after it is because of him were all here in the first.
So when things look bleak, remember this verse. [b] As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, O God.

2 My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
When can I go and meet with God?

3 My tears have been my food
day and night,
while men say to me all day long,
"Where is your God?"

4 These things I remember
as I pour out my soul:
how I used to go with the multitude,
leading the procession to the house of God,
with shouts of joy and thanksgiving
among the festive throng.

5 Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and 6 my God.
My [c] soul is downcast within me;
therefore I will remember you
from the land of the Jordan,
the heights of Hermon—from Mount Mizar.

7 Deep calls to deep
in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers
have swept over me.

8 By day the LORD directs his love,
at night his song is with me—
a prayer to the God of my life.

9 I say to God my Rock,
"Why have you forgotten me?
Why must I go about mourning,
oppressed by the enemy?"

10 My bones suffer mortal agony
as my foes taunt me,
saying to me all day long,
"Where is your God?"

11 Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Savior and my God.

Keep this in mind as well. Mathew 5:6

5Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth.
6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
7Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being plastic & popular - Devotional 64

Lately I have seen major change in people. One person in general, my roomate. I am quite worried for her. Although the life she leads sometimes looks like fun, I have to say her attitude has changed. I can't seem to do much but just observe her going down and it kind of makes me feel sorry. Much in the same way of how Jesus felt sorrow for the world.
The life she leads is going too fast, its not glamourous.

This house has kind of become party central. I see people come and go and it makes me cry a little inside of how the world is so easily fooled. It seems kind of funny that in world where we all claim to be indiviuals, its looks like nothing such the kind. It feels like the devils playground.

Luke 6:39 (The Message)
39 -40He quoted a proverb: "'Can a blind man guide a blind man?' Wouldn't they both end up in the ditch? An apprentice doesn't lecture the master. The point is to be careful who you follow as your teacher.

When that happens, I raise my head up high and boldy walk. Does this mean I have never fallen. Of course it doesn't

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of good. Do some people even realize what your salvation really means? Oh I wish I can be a solider for Christ, marching boldy leading Jesus's sheep that have strayed away to the cross.

Matthew 16:26 (New International Version)

26What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

Monday, October 12, 2009

A boy named Jonah - Devotional 63

Do you ever question your walk in faith? I believe it is common to question it from time to time. But in a plesant way. Sometimes you feel wonderfully connected with God one day and than not so much the next day. Do you ever wonder why that is. It could be the littlest things that seemingly take you away for a bit from God. Thats ok, I understand the world is a big places and theirs lots of distractions that get in the way at times. Jonah is a story of great obidence.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Does school kill creativity? - Sir Ken Robinson

The greatest thing could ever learn in school came from this video....

It come from the ground so God must have made it - Devotional 62

I am happy that I was atleast able to write 2 devotionals this week....
So what is war games about, well its about something that has been with me for a couple months. I have slowly figured what they are, and that somewhat puts my mind at ease, but there are many times where it is overwhelming.

I've been stuck in a world I do not like. I've talked to many people the general feedbacl I get is "suck it up!" My daily consists of going to school, going to the gym, coming home (which I hate.) Why do I hate it, because I'm spiritually strangled. Theres absolutely no connection at all anymore between myself and my roomates. I've been outed as the fourth person. Its deeply fustrating. It seems like because I don't get drunk or smoke a joint I'm not cool." Maybe its that all my roomates have done is turn this house into a "Pot Party." Its not just one or two days, but everyday.

I don't why I crave this attention. I'm not into it. But maybe the reason why I think I want to be involved is because I see it going on. Thats when I should learn not to trust my eyes.

Another they always stay up in their rooms and do the joints. They only come down to make food. I would feel inprisioned if I was them. But its ok to them , because dude they got there marajuana and they love getting high.

There defense is "Its natrual God made weed so its ok to smoke it."
There is a certain one liner that Fred Willard used to describe his wife's smoking in a episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

The line is "Why don't you just drink poisin."
I believe they do this because they don't know too much. They love to live in the fast lane.

I have a few words of advice for them....
1 Cor 6:19-20

19Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Devotional 61- The clash of styles...

So I haven't written a devotional in a while. But I sware thats going to change. Why is that, because God's is knocking at my door trying to wake me up..... How , well I've been in school for just a bit over a month. I seem to have alot of time on my hands, but when it gets down to it, even though I have alot of time on my hands, I've never felt busier. So I used to update the world about God has done in my life once a week I would post a bible reflection. Some would call that a devotional. Others a blog. So how has God tried to wake me up. Well it seems lately that the topic at hand is how often styles clash on more than one level.

While being in school, I have somewhat stopped praying, and I found out that my friend is not the best thing to do. I've lived like the world for too long now. Theres something that was appealing to me about them. When I openly think about it, to live according to the world is in my opinion quite foolish.

It seems like every where I turn lately God is telling to "Wake up." From my fittness to school, to writing devotionals. reading and praying. Tonight I got a good vote of confidence from a nutrion I often visit sometimes. Apparently many fittness trainers and nutrionist are impressed with my deternination in my fittness.... I do it because my body needs it on many levels.

At the same time, because I felt so busy I've forgot about the church. This doesn;t do me well... Because Ive gone through emotional problems, felt lost or blank at times, I can tell you because I recieved with the vote of confidence. While walking to the bus I smiled and said out loud, Haha , I guess God is real awesome. In referece to that I'n always been taking care of.

I guess I know for the next time to spend more time spiritually. I do hope to do just that....
Thank you God for waking me up....

1 O LORD, hear my prayer,
listen to my cry for mercy;
in your faithfulness and righteousness
come to my relief.

2 Do not bring your servant into judgment,
for no one living is righteous before you.

3 The enemy pursues me,
he crushes me to the ground;
he makes me dwell in darkness
like those long dead.

4 So my spirit grows faint within me;
my heart within me is dismayed.

5 I remember the days of long ago;
I meditate on all your works
and consider what your hands have done.

6 I spread out my hands to you;
my soul thirsts for you like a parched land.

7 Answer me quickly, O LORD;
my spirit fails.
Do not hide your face from me
or I will be like those who go down to the pit.

8 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I lift up my soul.

9 Rescue me from my enemies, O LORD,
for I hide myself in you.

10 Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God;
may your good Spirit
lead me on level ground.

11 For your name's sake, O LORD, preserve my life;
in your righteousness, bring me out of trouble.

12 In your unfailing love, silence my enemies;
destroy all my foes,
for I am your servant.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Luigi's Legacy - Devotional 60

I haven't been writingg devotionals in a long time. I promise that will change. See I have been stuck in the rain for much of the summer and the beginning of the school year. I sometimes wonder what did I do , to get in this mess, but than I reflect and say to myself, God knows where you are, and you are right where you should be right now.

And so I write this devotional with a bit of a personal touch to it. In life we could see 1000 faces in one day alone. Each person with their own sense of being. Personality, Kindness, Indiviualism and so forth. But what about the people you converse with on a daily basis. Do you ever realize what impact they have on you.... No? Well I have a friend that once said distance makes the heart grow fonder.

In 2005
I went to Italy for the first time as a grown up. Sure I went to Italy before but this time I could take precious memories home with me. Play them on the DVD player, watch, laugh and remember what it was like.

Although I had hundreds of cousins surround me with kindness and even better food , There was an uncle that even though I was far away from home, he looked out for me as though he was my father. I can't say who was more happier that I had visited Italy myself or my family. The picture you see above is that of my uncle and U. When I say that my uncle protected me like his own son, its not far from the truth.

I first went to Italy after my cousin Micheal had asked me to go for the summer, I accepted and two weeks later I was off to Italy for 3 months. I was the happiest. My family looked out for me in the sense that they were concerned about my CP. So they had manage to bring me to say a speicalist. Which to me was amazing in its own right, Not to mention the many trips we took together on Mondays, that was of course when the pizzera was closed. I always looked forward to Mondays a group of us, would travel all day.... I would have to say that the reason my uncle had such an impact on me is the reason, that I talked with absolutely everything. From what it was like fro him growing up. I use to love his stories. The thing I reflect on now that he has fallen ill is his legacy and the impact and importance he has passed onto me.