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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Masks - Devotional 73

I think this mask (seen above is the most recgonizable mask that the 21st century knows about. Why?, because it is associated with the movie V for Vendetta. Now, why do I bring up the topic of masks, well its simple we all wear one. If you don't think so, than think about how you act around your friends and than apply that same awareness, when being around your parents. Now I have had a real rough time and have had a rough go at life lately, because I am trying to indentify just who I am. To my friends I'm Rocky, Killer or Antwan. To my family I'm known as Anthony. Each group of people having their own perspections about how I am as a person. I am known as Rocky, Killer and or Antwan because of what I portray about myself. I'm known to my friends as the boy that never gives up, NEVER. I'm known as the guy who endures and comes through it all for the better than ever. One day a few weeks ago I was down about a sitiuation I was having about trying to get the attention of people. My friend who will not be named due to privacy rights told me. "You have to figure who you are? Stop trying to be something your not example : actors do a good job as that. She than went over a long list of transfermations I went through in my life. I did this in an effort to turn things around. I became an "uber Christian" as she described it. Thats another word for bible thumper. Everybody hated me, I spoke up about left wing issues and stood directly to the right.
I tried to make the other kids like me, I really did. But I soon found out very quick life is not about the girls you talk to, the clothes you wear, the group you hang out with. Its about your integrity. Thats right I said integrity, whats that mean, well to have integrity you have to be willing to reveal some of your face every once and a while. If your flaws and mistakes are expossed , than don't fret , because atleast your being your real self. Later that night after hearing a bit of those encouraging words I felt high, let I could conquer the world or something. What my friend was talking to me about is my own integrity and whether I would be game enough to weather the storm. Oddly enough I had no idea what she was talking about, all I know is that it made me feel like a million bucks. It wasn't until I started to read Shaken not Shattered by Mathew Hagee, I am reminded of many things from his book. * "A person of integrity is willing to be geniune and sincere even if means being vulnerable and exposing weakness."
* " If a man hasn't discoved something he will die for than he isn't fit to live" Dr. Martin Lurther King Jr.
* "No man can wear one face for any considerable period and multipules to the other." Nathaniel Hawthrone
* " When it comes to giving, the sacrifice is measured not the size of the check."
* "Failure is nothing more than the end of an oppertunity and the beginning of a next."

Heres a funny , yet true example of what I mean when I say we all wear masks. I often said that actors are good at that sort of thing, take a look at this movie clip from 1994. When Stanley Impkus "becomes The Mask. See how his personality is changed.


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