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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shaken not Shattered - Lesson 1 - Devotional 72

I've had a rough at life lately. I slipped into feeling lonely and depressed. I live in a house full of girls, but yet there is no bond. I still utterly alone. Sometimes I wonder, why I even get out of bed. I also wonder why at 4A.M. I'm still staring at the bright white screen , the light shinning off my computer screen. Why can't seem to find a way out of the missery. Book after Book I search for answers , but even the Bible seems hazy to me. What do I do? where do I turn?

It all seemed to float away, after I smelled the smell of drug all too often. No friends, No communication just loneliness. I talked with consoulers on a weekly basis and they addressed the issue, but never really accomplished any stradgeies.

That was just a little sample of how I was feeling these couple first months of school. So I went on a quest to search for answers. I picked up Hulk Hogan's My life outside the ring. I would pick up that because I am without a shout of a doubt the biggest Hulk Hogan fan there is in the universe. In that book He would reveal things I never knew, from seeing his character persona carried out on TV. The most interesting piece he would reveal is a book "The Secret, by Ryhonda Byrne. Of course if Hulk read it I would have to pick it up. I figured it was a way for me to get out of my depression. But when I bought the DVD abd book I got an errie feeling like something was not right. I turned tp one of the pastors of the local church and he gave me his opinion on the book. I have to say after hearing his side of the arguement, I kind of agree with him. My pastor had said , the secret book may teach you to become your own master rather than have God as your master.

Here's a clip.... See for yourselves.

The Secret uses the objective like you will pocess what you pursue? In many cases that it true. But one thing it doesn't talk much about reconnecting with God. In that way we become boastful.

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