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Friday, June 5, 2009

He Said, She said - Devotional 27

*W A R N I N G *

In this devotional there will be only one refrence to the scripture. One and One ONLY.
Even though this devotional will not hold much spirtuallity to it , I write this because I believe that out of all the devotionals I have written with all the references to scripture. I find this devotional the most important devotional I have ever written and I also believe this should be viewed by millions, and if you stumble on reading this, please do pass it on.
This devotional will also hold a barage of videos.

This devotional has been racing through my mind all day. This devotional is going to take a different look , but it is that way for a purpose. There will be no spiritual scripture in this devotional beyond this point. John 1:10-11 (New Living Translation)

10 He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him. 11 He came to his own people, and even they rejected him.
I will defend the Bible without using scripture. You may sit there and wonder to yourself. "Ok Anthony how do you intend to do that. Well sit back make some coffee , relax and pay attention well you marvle at my knoowledge.

If you look above you will see pictures of Sir Issac Newton one of the worlds most famous scientists. and in the picture. God. (a painting) Now why I am I here writing this devotional well, its really very simple to answer the question, why? again you may seem a bit puzzled and wonder why to what? Why are we here of course. Now I know can't cover this subject in one devotional I won't even begin stratch the surface with this devotional because to understand life, it takes a lifetime of study. You won't find answers in me, just a simple college student studying music. But in this devotional I hope this devotional if nothing else will allow to think...

Before I get into a devotional, I want to clarify it is my opinion that everything in life happens for a reason if you really look at the bigger picture. I am pretty sure you will find that out too. For example take a look at my reality for a moment if you will..

At seven years old I wrote my first ever story with my friends Nathan Innes , Ryan Scott and Brandon Nahrgang. That story was called "The golden sword. I know what your thinking. What a cheesey title there Anthony." writing at the age of seven gave me an outlit to think creativley. It lead me to write a manuscript reflecting on my Cerebral in a manuscript called The shadows people can't see...
Writing the manuscript lead me to Conestoga. in 2006. To prepare for college. First year of college, lead me question absolutely everything. It also brought to Journalism Print. Journalism Print lead me to Broadcast Newswriting , Broadcast Newswriting lead me to an interest in radio. The denial for radio lead me to science. Science lead me to study and examine life in reality and faith.

Now to the devotional; it understandable that men and humanity as we know it are curious of how we got here. This is a common question amongst people , groups, families, churches, and scientists. Its kind of like a debate if you will. One side you have science on the otherside you have the church.
Please following videos.

The following videos are
A debate between Kirk Cameron (a christian locked into a debate with a fellow christian aganist two atheists.

I just have something to say to Kelly and Brian, you have come up with educated answers, I think its personally great that you are searching for answers, however where are looking? What movivates you to look at the things you do. There is a part in the video that Kelly spoke about Jesus, which got me really steamed. I have this to say to Kelly directly. Its not a matter of win or loose. Right or wrong, but I say this to you. Yourself and Brian both said you have read the bible multiple times. I ask you why? What were you looking for in there? Did you find a challenge to read it. Did you say to yourself "Oh this looks interesting lets give it a try and read it. I tell you this Kelly anybody can read a book but not everybody can read the bible. What do I mean? Well again I ask why did you read it? Did read it just for the heck of it. If you did , you will not find God, why? Because The bible to christians isn't a book , its a way to have a relationship with Christ and the creator. If you break it down you can come up with millions of interuptations and then pick out the things you want to follow for your OWN wants and needs.

This is why religious scholars can't understand the Bible even to this day. God is AWESOME, No one man in the past , present or future will understand God. Until the day he is seen.

Now a few clips from Angels and demons

With that I say
Amen to you all...


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