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Sunday, February 22, 2009


This should be Joshs Backstory

The Biblical quotes.....

This can be Joshs back story

In a effort to put more power into the hands of the musicans, one man will go on a mission to set things right. In this featured short film Saving Private Radio. What is Saving Private Radio? In an era of today where you can recieve your favourite songs, albums , and movies directly downloaded to your computer, because of websites like kaaza, Limewire, Frostwire and other music downloading , one man will take a stand by sacrificing his life and liberity to save radio.

Scene 1: (Ave Maria playing in the background)
Anthony (A)- Wearing a V for Vendetta Mask.)
Hello boys and girls ladies and gentlemen, tonight we Adhere to take Action Against the Atrocities who Acutely and continuously Admonish themselves as the masters of their own music without having the proper Authorities be made Aware of such An Atrophies’ Act. Since it is now brought to our Attention I stand here tonight to make things right. Since the Authorities Are not Aware of the dastardly and cowardly Acts which seems to be going on in every home Around the world. I Am your Authority this evening. Let me start off by saying, To Those of you who do not wish to adhere to our commands shall be dealt with in the Abundance, And we strike down upon them with Avengence!
It is my very good honour to meet you and you may call me ("A")

Scene 2: - 2000 and Nate a Toronto DJ recieves a call from a new club owner Josh Filipe where 2000 will play his best stuff off his hotest new CD Rock Therapy.

Josh: So from what I hear about your skills , your believed to be the best there is among these streets, if you think you got what I'm looking for come on by the club, you'll have one oppertunity to impress me, so don't mess up.

( 1 Hour Later )

Scene 3 MTA - A music terorist group in the fight againist Downloading songs makes a house bugerly on Toronto's latest Hip Hop DJ: 2000 and Nate MTA aka Muscians Take Action, they enter his house and steal his computer.
MTA group solidly believes that music should be appreicated by fans which is therefore honoring the musicans. MTA also believe that music should be seen a whole experience of beauty within the melodies.
Terrorist Slogan : Save the Music - EXPERIENCE THE PUREST MUSIC!

Scene 4: As MTA are loading the stolen equipment into the car, just around the corner OFFICER MICHAEL OSBOURNE appears to be on duty. Officer Osbourne is the head officer of the Toronto bugerly department and he sees the MTA members jumping into a van. As the van speeds off , Osbourne notices one member of the burgerly team was left behind. So a pursuit on foot begins for the straggler, (A) sees this and stops to pull up his socks and then he ran like hell.

Scene 5: The officer in pursuit did not catch (A) so he did the next best thing he reported back to the police station and spoke with the chief of police (Amer) Michael did the best he could to explain what had happened to the chief , who was a man you did not want on your bad side. Micheal explained to the chief, I don't know what happened sir, what do I do? , What do I do?
The Chief of police stood up, a man that was feared by many men through the ranks. His nickname on the force was "The Hawk because when he was younger one night on a steak out, he killed a Columbian coke dealer 500 yards away with one shot with hus gun which calls the hammer of God. It is a beautiful gun, glistening silver , black hand grip 44 magmun.

The Chief stood and said to the tear eyed officer, "You wamt to know what to do? "The Hawk" approached fellow officer and said this, "You stand up go out there and be a man, what the hell's wrong with you." With one swift shot "The Hawk slapped his officer in the face, hoping to slap some sense into his officer on duty that day.

Scene 6: Toronto Star reporter Stacey Falconer recieves a call from a source that there was just a bugerly that took place. Without a word she dashed for the door to get the story.

Scene 7: Meanwhile in a secret location among the shadows of the night sky, out of a mysterious van escapes the MTA members. They flee into an adbandon warehouse, when they entered the warehouse they setup the stolen equipment. They proceeded to to a independent radio broadcast to warn people about downloading music.

Scene 8: At this point Stacey was in a cab where she would slowly arrive on the scene. But the radio was tuned into local news and Falconer was alerted from the voices over the radio what exactly had went down in the bugerly. She quitely took notes in short hand the important information that was broadcasted over the cab radio.

Scene 9: At the club Josh awaits the hired D.J. for the night, 2000 an Nate.

Scene 10: At the apartment of 2000 and Nate , he is soon found by Stacey, He is tied up and wore a brutal black eye which he fashioned on the right side of his face. Stacey rushed in to see what was going on , and she saw Mr. 2000 and she hestitently asked him. "What in the blue hell happen to you."

Scene 11: 2000 weary and disoriented proceeded to tell her what had happened.
2000: Well my memory maybe a little fuzzy , but give me a glass of water.
I really don't know what happened all I remember is that I was dancing preparing some music for a show tonight that I am susposed to work at tonight, and the next thing I know these three guys came in and chanted FREE THE MUSIC, JOIN THE REVOLUTION! After that I don't remember anything.
Help me up please I need to get ready for the show, wheres my computer at.
Stacey scanned the room, Its GONE!

Just like that 2000 rose to his emotional state and said, WHAT THE FUCK, How can it be gone.

Stacey: Would you forget about that damm computer for now, your coming with me. I could use you later for my story, I could use a quote. Your coming with me..... Now hurry up the meter is running and your costing me alot of money.

Scene 12: Back the club Josh is becoming furious, because this was a very important night for Club J, it was ladies night. The club was filled with hundreds of ladies excepting a show, and if theres no show Josh doesn't get paid and if Josh doesn't get paid, he will not be pleasent to deal with.

Scene 13: In the cab with 2000 and Stacey , 2000 makes a remark " wait where are you we going." Stacey says were going to get you the show, Mr. 2000.

But wait amongst all the traffic they were stopped by a white van. The cab driver slammed the brakes and swirved in traffic. Panictic the cab driver looks back at Stacey and 2000 and says "Oh, Mio Dio's Le Madonna! The cab driver gives a hand signal to the driver of the white van.
("A") steps out from the van and glares at the cab driver. Frightened the cab driver leaves the cab in the middle of the street and runs away.

("A") approaches the cab and says, hello 2000 boy the black eye you have got there looks pretty nasty how in the world did you manage to get that.
Stacey: Just wait, before you do anything I have a couple questions for you, now I am a journalist I can make your message and mission be printed on the front page of the Toronto Star. "Why are you doing this?"

("A") : You have no power over anything, the only power you have is the power that was sent from above. Now SHUT UP WOMAN! Why Am I doing this, this seems to be the million dollar question of the night. I am doing this and will continue to do this until downloading music is offically banned. Music is power and if you like it, you should support the artist. Plain and simple.
You can quote me on that, and if I run into again it won't be happy ending for you, this is a warning. ("A") fled from the scene. He was never seen again...

Scene 14: The next day the Toronto Star front page read
The nighr the music "almost" died
By Stacey Falconer
Just below that in the entertainment section was a short blurb about Toronto's 2000 an Nate to preform at Club J by introducing some Rock Therapy to the streets of Toronto.

Closing Credits: WE shoot Innes finally playing for the ladies at Club J.

The Terrorist Group will be Anthony, Naser, and Ryan.

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