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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back in the day when I was a Teenager

This is a letter I wrote to Kutless, KJ52, Lecrae, Rebecca St. James and T-bone...

Hey People I'm writing this letter in reguards to give you all a thank you... I am a college student from a city just east of Toronto Canada. I am currently studying radio and music. The reason I am writing all of you this is because you all have played a huge instrumental role in allowing me to grow in Christ. Let me explain how, first to Kutless, hearing your music back in the year 2000 allowed me to first believe that I had a place at the right hand of Christ. I first came to Christ after loosing my grandmother due to mutiple diseases she had struggled with.

While I was younger my grandmother and grandfather raised me as there own sonm due to the fact I had a rough home life. So you can imagine how I felt inside and you could picture the tears run down my face, her death was extremely hard on me. I after her death a took a chance and spoke to a friend about God and she advised me to listen to Kutless - Sea of faces and Casting Crowns - Set me Free and Who Am I. I have to admit it was great to hear such music that really spoke to me.

As time went on I began to loose myself and my purpose I entered a new enviroment when I started in college a year ago. Everything was thrown at me, I was around people that not have Jesus in there hearts (College Residence)
I decided in my second year of college that I would walk away from that enviroment and look for a house for myself and so I took the chance. I began to surround myself with good christians. I began to influenced by positive mssages of God. I asked my christian friends if they had any good christian music. a friend began to tell me that a good song to get into is a song Shake ya body - Tbone.

That song was like anthem to me, now that was dancing in the spirit. Since than I since than searched the genres through a series of google searches and thats where came across music from Lecrae.
Praying for you - Lecrae spoke to me, as I am sure it does to many people for many different reason, but as for me when I first listened to the song it was as if the messages of my christian friends was speaking to me through music.

I can't explain why I was drawn to either music from T-Bone , KJ52 or Lecrae but if your looking for someone to blame you can look no furher than wrestler John Cena.
In the begining I began to listen to Cena quite often it was as if I was searching for a type of music that spoke to me with every song that I listened too.

As for Rebecca and Ashley I think your the perfect example for Christians.

It has been nine years since I came to Christ. I have since forgave my father for his abuse towards me, I dedicate Monday , Tuesday and Friday and of course Sunday to days for God. If you want know why in life I choose to study music and the radio. Many reasons but the one that stands out is this, when I was 8 I became a huge Metallica fan and my mother in her efforts tried to turn me away from that styke of music, in her opinion I listened to Metallica much to loud....

Growing up in Stratford Ontario Canada there was local radio station that the town listened to many days over. It was an oldies station known as CJCS 1240. I believe every kid in town listen to CJCD intentally in times of winter in hopes that the buses would be cancelled due to a snow day. Which happened quite often but "Thats Canada." My mother told me I needed a better ear for music , so on snow days she would play the album of songs from Elvis.

Nonetheless I still loved Metallica and the station I listened to many nights was FM96 London..s Best Rock. Oh man growing up I thought was the life playing awesome music like that all day would be a killer job one day. My mother was the one to finally say to me "Anthony your not going to be Rocky Ballboa or Hulk Hogan and let's face it your no artist, your sister has that talent, You should be in a job where you get paid to talk because you never to seem to ever stop talking."

I thought about and she was right I mean whenever I would want a break from the troubles at home I would lock myself in the basement and turn on the radio so loud that the yelling would be silent over the music.

I believe I have come full circle, in terms of being at crossroads. My relationship with Christ has never been better I am getting re-baptised in a month, abd I reached new heights with God through music, reading the word and of course Devo's by KJ.
Now that I have reached a fullfilling state, it makes me appreicate my past. knowing that God was there all along.

Anyway I know this letter long and props to anyone that reads this and doesn't fall asleep, Iam even suprised that I have not fallen asleep during writing this. I really should be studying , but I felt that before I studied I felt like you all should know the good your doing......

God Bless

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