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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music is a passion that was sent from above

By now all who knows me knows that I am currently working my butt off to get to study radio in College. Let me share a few things with you before I begin with the reason I am writing this blog.

1. Music has been my number one goal since the age of 15.
2. This blog is going to be by far the most open hearted blog that I have ever posted. Its time to wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to describe why I am so passionate about radio.
3. Everyone who is everyone will be mentioned in this blog , so check it out.
4. For those of you who don't believe in God, I urge to read this and hear my story. I promise you will see God behind what I write here today.

Now as the professionals say "The show must go on."

For me the dream of what to be on the radio , never really took form untill much , much later in my life. So I am going to give you a bit of background on how I got to the decision to follow radio.

I was just seven years old a little shrimp 40 lbs soak and wet I stood 3ft2. I was transfered to a elementry school "Central Perth. When I went there, I was in much trouble with my studies and homework. The teachers that I had could not understand my writing at all. So they took steps to improve that, they gave me customized pencils but nothing seem to work, that was until one teacher Mrs. Etherting my second grade teacher at the time said to the board, "I know if given a chance these boy can push past anything and he can be on the same level as the other kids. Rather than giving him a hard time about his handwriting and printing, why can't we just give him a computer.

It was so, on that day the students and soon to be friends would be baffled at the very idea that I had a computer to do all my work on. Ethertington tried to explain to the class the reason I had a computer, eventually they all wanted a shot on the computer. Everyone was very happy when it came to be partners with me because it meant that they could work on the computer with me. I do believe at that time I above everyone, what I mean by that is I wanted to do so more on the computer than I was allowed. I wanted to type for hours on that thing all day an night. I just thought it was so cool. Just in case your wondering the make of the computer was a greyish blended purple IB<. At the time in the year 92 espeically when it came to my class, the computer was the best thing going. That was then!

The computer brought together a great friendship one that I hold self-evident even to this day. Because of that computer writing short stories for me would be inevidable. When it came to writing stories I had my own writing team of keen people. There names are Nathan Innes, Ryan Scott, Brandon Nahrgang. When Mrs. Etherington put us four together as a writing group the magic would start from there and just burst into greatness. We were known to write some of the craziest sories that Central Perth have never seen anything like it before. Although I did use the computer for alot of my class work , I also used it for other things like I can remember one morning where our class had a spelling bee. Now that I mention it I'm sure the boys will go "Oh I remember this, HAHAHA! Anyway as I was saying I also used the computer for other things, and one morning during a spelling bee. I can remember be very angry at something that was said towards me, so I wrote on the computer screen 200 times and yes when I said I wrote it 200 times that is fact. I wrote on the screen. I WISH BRENT NURSE WOULD DIE!!!!

By this point I was 9 years old and yes I was still only 40 lbs soak and wet.
During the spelling test my teacher at the time Mr. Cleland would eventually come over and just so all of you will know what he said to me in my ear for those who didn't hear that day. He came over to the computer and looked at it and saw what I was writing about Brent, he said the following. "Anthony I don't think thats got anything to do with spelling. Ok just to clarify I was a very angry child that just wanted to fit in. I would do anything to try to fit in include fights, compete in sports, win writing comprtitions. Nothing seemed to work. Whatever I did, I was casted as an outcast for my differences. But that didn't stop you see because I had the dream to be just like Rocky, Beven Simpson Blaze Lewis and the many others can vouge for me.

Lets skip ahead a couple years, to the age of 14. It was believable my job in the future would be some writing job, maybe in journalism. At age 14, I came to a crossroads in my life, I had lost my grandmother to a multitude of diseases. To say the least I was so angry, I just couldn't understand why she died. It was at this point that I thought it was to be that I would write a book which I entitled Dark Shadows, Wheres my God at? I wrote it with my Aunt Susie and it seemed to have helped get me through some difficult times. It gave me a chance to express my emotions and life experiences that I thought the world should know about. The idea was that I would write a blog post daily. But I had so much to talk about it became a 215 page book. That I hold secret even to this day.

Durimg year 16 of my life, I went on a search to find anyone of my other relatives from maybe the United States, I was informed by my Dad that I had cousins from all over. From places like New York, New Jersey, Phillidelphia, Ohio , Toronto, most of the cousins that live in the U.S. Is from my fathers mothers side of the family. The Astirino family. It just so happens when I wernt on my search to find these family members, I didn't find anything. Instead I came across a girl that was a relative of the Studebaker car fortune. Needless to say, I was intriqyed because at that time in my life, I was so into cars, my mother thought I was a bit wacky , because my room was filled with calenders of cars and car models. So in a the search for my family I got sidetracked and talk with this girl Katie, I was quite taken by her, she herself was a big reason why I wanted to keep an edge to the music. I always tried to keep up with her, in terms of knowing me what the next big song was. Never the less, keeping up with her an her music was killing me, she was always a step ahead and I cou;dn 't compete with that. But never the less, she did open a door for me, one that I wouldn't walk through for seven years. In her life, music became her main enjoyment. So through talking with her I became more interested in the many genres of music, from Adrea Bocelli, Pavaroti, Green Day, Blink 182, Bloodhound Gang, My Chemical Romance, Everlast, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Metallica. There's so much more, I could go on for days, but I don't have the time, in short let's just say that Katie made me gain a deeper a appreication for music.

In my final year i high school my mother suguested that I study journalism because I enjoy writing and I was pretty good at it. So I spent a year at Conestoga College - Stratford Campus upgrading under a fantasic teacher. Lisa Coles Nelson. After that year that I spent upgrading I recieved straight A's in English studies, and Computer Technology. OBVIOUSLY!!!!!

After that I went into the hospital and had surgery to help "cure" C.P. The operation was difficult for and I know what you may be thinking , how can it be difficult for you, you have had 13 others before this one. Well let me explain I was in intestive care for a week, where I spent most the time bleeding, I bled alot.... But not to worry it was natural, I had to bleed in order for the medication to go from my body. So yes I was in tremendous pain and yes there was plenty og blood for miles to be seen, for me to bleed it must have happened for me to get better.

After the week I was then transfered to Parkwood rehabiliation Hospital. There I would change lives, and meet new people. I would meet new people and befriend them, people like Gwem, Marci, Helena, Rebecca and Anne. To make ir clear I hated being in rehab so I did everything possible to try to get out of there. I worked my butt off like never before. I would also never ever stay in my room. I would either be seen outside, in the phyical therapy room or racing down the halls in the wheelchair constantly talking everyone. It was there that I first watched the entire trilogy of the Godfather. I have to say it was simply a beautiful movie.

There was a reason that I worked so hard in rehab not only did I not want to be in there but I want to start school and if I stayed in there any longer than I needed to I would get very angry because it would intrupt my plans for starting school at Conestoga. There I was determined to work my body out until I was able to start school. I absolutely loved journalsm, I made awesome friends, Adam for one , he made sure I arrived to school all the time. He and his girlfriend Candace made sure that I ate good food, I love the portguese style rice thanks so much people.

It wasn't until my first year in the second term, I realized through a music radio ad that thats really where I wanted to put my focus, so I talked to my professor at the time, and told him that I would like to apply to for radio because I enjoyed making the ad. He told me go for it, if thats really what you want. Personally he said I think radios awesome. I didn't get in to say the least I was very disappointed I was So I sucked it up and took it on the chin and applied for General Arts and Scietold not to give up because if I just took General arts and Science I could most likely get in next term. To say the least about the General Arts and Science program, I didn't feel appreicated, I felt underworked, I felt my skills that I had acquired just a year earlier was now under a bar of limits.
I felt like not only was my creativity challenged but also my intelligence. So in January I placed a transfer form to start in September. I am not happy at Conestoga to me this is evident, my corrdinator should have been well aware of this. As we talked many times abouit my position with the program. I have decided to join Fanshawe College in September to study radio, I have chosen a school where I think I will be happy at. I'm sorry to say this to my many friends that I met this past year, but to Joni, Amanda, Amy, Travis, Brenda It will the end of the Spunky Monkies. On that day don't shed a tear , but smile because after graduation I'm finally going to chase my dream. Where is my dream in radio. FM96... So I thought, I love FM96 Londons best rock but I have been lead to join a Christian Rock station to do the importance that Jesus has played in my life. I relate to Jesus through music, music from KJ52, T-Bone, Lecrae, Skillet, Kutless, Leeland, Cross Movement. I owe a thanks to people like Reva , Kristin, Aamanda, Silvie, Katie, Aunt Susiie , my grandmother, Blaze , Beven, Nathan, Ryan, Adam, Brandon, Gwen, Helena, Rebecca, Marci, Paul and the Godfather movie...., All of the experiences that I have witnessed lead me to this point so I can be great in this moment. Anyway thats all I have to say


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