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Saturday, February 14, 2009

ROCKBAND Welcome to the rock show LIVE from your couch

By Anthony Sicilia

Rock band popularity; is it cool to be a rocker? Or is it just hype by the advertising and the media? Let’s explore this shall we. It is evident that we live in a world where technology is thrown in our faces at the masses. Ever since the day of Atari and Nintendo there has been emphasis placed on video game entertainment. It seemed with every passing year there was a new video game fascination amongst the generations of gamers. Games such as Pac-man, Super Mario Bros, The legend of Zelda the lists could go on forever. Gaming through the ages have since advanced in consoles, graphics and the effort of creating video games that is more realistic. It is the year 2009 and the gaming fad which is reaching almost a phenomenal fan base in a video gaming series known as Rock band. The title is self explanatory, you may be wondering why people play rock band here are some reasons.
Along with the advancement of gaming there has also been another long lasting effect on society, MUSIC, you can always go on a daily daydream adventure just by listening to your favourite songs on the radio. Imagine if you could play your musical favourites in the Rock band video game. How cool would that be? So your favourite song currently is Metallica Enter Sandman, or Weezer’s Say it isn’t so, even more so what about songs from Nirvana. Could you picture yourself singing your heart out while on the screen you hear the sounds of 50,000 screaming fans? If that’s not enough for you, you could always purchase more songs online to add variety and flavour that complements your style of music.
The Gear:
In the game there is gear that makes your rock band official.
First you have the electric guitar which is than followed by the bass; the third is the percussions or drums. To press on if you think bold enough you can sing with the official rock band mic. If you wish to take it one step further you can blow your friends away by purchasing the Rock Band stage kit. What is in the stage kit? A fog machine and strobe lights are available that synchronize with the game. With all that in mind you would have the elements you would need to have for killer rock show right in your own home?
The Atmosphere
You now know a little bit of background behind the music, the instruments the only thing that’s left to discuss is the atmosphere around the rockers that giving their hearts and souls to a killer performance. Every rocker since the beginning of time has had one goal in mind and it is the same goal throughout the many genres of music, the one goal of a rocker is deliver a killer performance and how do you do that? You connect with the fans in the audience. Most rockers are caught up the moment sometimes and they perform their best when emotions are high. To quote a five time video gaming champion when asked about the atmosphere of the game he had this to say, “You could play all day and think your some sort of rock god, that’s how easy you can get caught up in the game,” Ryan Scott said.

With all that you now know about Rock Band would the game be considered a product of popularity? Or could the media and advertising be blamed for the wave of video game entertainment? One thing is for sure advancement in technology is inevitable it is a product of reality. Why should it be any different when it comes to entertainment for video games? In the past we had games like Donkey Kong Country, Sonic, and Dick Tracey hockey and let’s not forget to mention wrestling video games. We also have had better consoles
These days we have games such as NHL 2009, MLB game day, fight night and of course the ever popular Rock band, in terms of the fans according to them as long as there is music there will be rock and as long as there is rock there will be fans. As long as there are video games like Rock band people will talk and if they build a rock band video game they will play.

Rock Band intro
Rock Band 2 commerical

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