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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Rock and Roll is constantly sang about. It is always appreicated in different ways, through tattoos, piecerings, t-shirts, merchandise and now video games. There was first Guitar hero, and you know the rest is history... Don't mistake Rockband popularity. You have heard of the term "NERD" well along with pretty much everything else in the world , the so called nerds have evolved.

In the early 90's one TV SHOW had what seemed to be the perfect image of what a nerd is susposed to be like. That show was Family Matters. Family Matters was a very popular show featured on such stations as ABC , TBS NBC, you get the picture the show was popular. On that show they had a character his name Steve Urkel. He was clumsy, dorky, snorty, wore glasses and he was always at the top of his class.
Did I forget to mention he never got the girl. Oh but he tried, many , many, many, many , many times.
Back than it was not cool to be a nerd.

You many be sitting there scratching your heads trying to figure out how Rockband relates to Steve Urkel. Heck even the name "Urkel sounds dorky. Rockband has picked up so much steam , that the popularity is overwhelming. Anybody who's anybody knows what Guitar hero or Rockband is. I'd say its alot less confusing than trying to figure the chemical balance for salt. Theres one thing that needs to be understood about the popularity of Rockband if it wasn't for radio ,Much Music and MTV.
Rockband would cease to exist.
Video example OF this thing called "Nerd" is a video by CHRISTIAN RAPPER, FRIEND AND MY MENTOR. KJ52 with his song - Revenge of the Nerds.

What do I mean by that, well picture this The band Green day doesn't release their album Nookie, even more, what if there was no Kurt Cobain Nirvana, What about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Eagles, My Chemical Romance, The Beatles Bob Dylan, Bob Marley. Metallica, ACDC. The point of all that is , those bands mentioned in the previous line are all famous bands, but at the same time MTV, Much Music, and radio stations alike would cease to exist. Same goes for the artists radio is responsibile for 80% of a songs popularity. They each have their role , a partnership that can only be described in two words. "PERFECT HARMONY."

These days music has been taken to a level of higher appreication with the invention of video games like RockBand. Everybody whos anybody had dreams of growing up and one day to become a famous rocker. It is because of the music that ideas like that are not only thought about but possible.

Look down at a certain title essay, entitled the needle and the damage done. The whole concept of the essay was based upon my experiences in music. In the essay they were bands mentioned that I grew listening to too. Most of the music I heard was on a station FM96.

With the popularity of Rockband, everybody is into it. Its become bigger than just a fad, its a become a reality. You would think that people playing Rockband aren't very social because all they do is sit around and play vido games, but thats not the case. If everybody enjoys the game, how much of nerd can you be?

Let me take you back to Family Matters just for a moment, if you recall, Steve Urkel made a "cool gene." This cool gene was made so that Steve Urkel would fit in and most of all it was made to pick up Laura Winslow the love of his life. In a way the invention of RockBand for video gamers was like a cool gene. How do I know this, because I AM A ROCKBAND NERD. THIS IS MY BAND MEMBERS.

I am apart of 3 ROCKBAND groups

Anthony - Vocals
Sara - Drums
Dario - BASS
GIA - Lead Guitar

We are none to the world as : The Hybolic Silverfish

Second Band

Anthony- Vocals
Chad -Lead Guitar
We are known as "REAL DROPOUTS"

Why do I mention all this you, well on May 16, 2009 I am hosting an event called the "superrific day of rock. On that night there will be a coopertive competition of an 86 song marathon. Complete with the full Rockband experience which will include stage kit. On that night a reunion of sorts will take place, a reunion big than Roamie and Michelle. A reunion bigger than the members of the Breakfast Clubs, the Mighty Ducks , Mario and Luigi and The T-Birds (Gease) On that night the greatest and awesome reunion will take place, 4 members apart we are nothing but dust, together we stand tall as "The baddest mothers to come out of 1985, and we will be living like rebels without a cause.

Nathan Inness
Ryan Scott
Brandon Nahrgang
Anthony Sicilia


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