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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He put a new song my mouth! Devotional # 4

Its 2:00am Wednesday Morning March 11, 2009 and normally I would be sleeping but this idea came to me and I thought it was cruical that I should blog about it right away rather than let it pass it by.

It's no secret by now, but I was born to speak , I believe it was my god given talent! I wasn't born physically to be a hero , but one thing I could do and the only thing I was proud to do was talk.
I grew up listening to FM96 London's best ROCK I enjoyed very much, I would always get right into the tunes in the radio by head-banging
But as everyone does I camne to a crossroads at 20. I had to decide what I really wanted out of life. I had to take into account my physical demands and than I weighed my creative passion demands, what was I passionate about you ask?

Writing simply, I believed that I could use my imagination to create masterpieces and for a while it was effective. I wrote a book about my life. I called it My "Dark Shadows." My parents were impressed by this and sugguested that I should take journalism if I like writing so much. So thats exactly what I did and I loved it I believe the most influenital friend I met in journalism friend was Adam Russell.

Journalism - Print was AWESOME so many "Cool" people in the program the studying wasn't half bad either, I learned so much. But God pulled a 180 on me mid semester. I was placed in Broadcast Newswriting with professor Paul Godkin. I had a blast in the course we learned all about radio and how to write great and fast stories. The time came that each of us had to do a radio project. I chose to my radio project on my cousins business Bud's Driving School. I enjoyed it so much that I spoke with Paul and said that absolutely loved the project and would like to switch to broadcast radio because I love to talk and I have a great appreication for music. I could listen to it for hours on end. So I went on a whym and decide to make an effort to apply to Conestoga Radio.

For the summer, I spent interviewing people on the radio and creating a whole portfolio using a computer program Audacity. I was so proud of the world I did. So I went in to the interview and unfortunately I did not get in because my portfolio was lacking. Was I mad, YES! I was, I had to re-organize my opitions, than my parents suggested that I go to Fanshawe to because it was close to home. There was no need for a portfolio but I wanted to make one anyway, because I didn't want them to ever have a change to say no to me. Unfortunately I didn't get in, this kinda disappointed me, because one of the biggest dreams I had was to work at FM96. They didn't even check my portfolio.... So I had talk with my friend Nathan Innes and I asked him about where to turn and what should I do after Fanshawe turned me down? Keep in mind I still had the portfolio radio script. You all can check it out, "Saving private radio." Needless to say I thought of something, I was so bound and continouesly determined to reach my dreams, My hope is to film Saving private radio this summer to prepare to show it Conestogas Radio Department when I'm finished shooting it. In despair I read something that my friend Sarah Carmichael wrote that she didn't get into radio the first time she applied to it. She is now, and shes hosts wicked shows! So I got some hope from that not to "let the man keep me down."

Since September I have been growing more spirtual and March 1, 2009 I was baptised in the holy spirit for the second time. The church I have been attending is The Pioneer Park Church of God which I love it has come like a home to me. I have been able to find meaning and better spiritual growth than ever before, now a days I can't miss a Sunday, I refuse to go home because I don't want to miss one Sunday of Church. So I came to the realization in my conversation , maybe Fanshawe turned me down, because with God's help I now have a spiritual foundation with him now finally after many years. So I started to think with the re-organization of my new portfolio amd a relationship with God, Is it finally time to step up to the plate. I have gained a new appreaction for music on a gospel level. I can REALLY tune into the message of God, by listening to Gospel Rap and Christan Genre music. I hear to say to KJ 52 I bet you wonder everyday if your music is reaching and how will those who listen respond? I am hear to tell you, I hear the message of God loud and clear. I LOVE IT!!!
So earlier tonight I was reading todays devotional, for March 11, 2009. The devotional is entitled Flying Machine.

Flying Machine

Recording artist James Taylor exploded onto the music scene in early 1970 with the song “Fire and Rain.” In it, he talked about the disappointments of life, describing them as “sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.” That was a reference to Taylor’s original band Flying Machine, whose attempt at breaking into the recording industry had failed badly, causing him to wonder if his dreams of a musical career would ever come true. The reality of crushed expectations had taken their toll, leaving Taylor with a sense of loss and hopelessness.

The psalmist David also experienced hopeless despair as he struggled with his own failures, the attacks of others, and the disappointments of life. In Psalm 6:6 he said, “I am weary with my groaning; all night I make my bed swim; I drench my couch with my tears.” The depth of his sorrow and loss drove him to heartache—but in that grief he turned to the God of all comfort. David’s own crushed and broken “flying machines” gave way to the assurance of God’s care, prompting him to say, “The Lord has heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer” (v.9).

In our own seasons of disappointment, we too can find comfort in God, who cares for our broken hearts. — Bill Crowder

Even in my darkest hour
The Lord will bless me with His power;
His loving grace will sure abound,
In His sweet care I shall be found. —Brandt

God’s whisper of comfort quiets the noise of our trials.

The verses that really spoke to me, was Pslams 6, Pslams 40- 3 He put a new song in my mouth. A song that spoke to me tonight was KJ-52's Fifth Element. A section that I enjoyed was, Who am I? See I'm the God that you don't know about
I gave you breath up in your lungs that you can't go without
See you know the facts of My story you been told about
I'm always reaching out for you but you just keep on holding out
I know your doubts, I know you're thinking that I ain't real
See I know you forgot about Me when you got ya last record deal
See I know the way you feel, I walked the earth just like you
And like a child up in his Father's arms, I long to hide you
Many times I invite you while standing here right besides you
But you walk right past, you ignore My hands here given to guide you
I gave you gifts, I gave you talents that you just used to gain your wealth
But you took my gifts and talents only for you, just to glorify yourself
I was beaten and bruised, crushed now for your iniquity
Stripped naked, I was spit upon just for you to live eternally
Yet you blaspheme Me, you make moves without asking Me
Then you blame Me for your troubles and calamaties, you kidding me?
Keep Me first, keep Me in your life, and it's gonna be allright
See I'm Jesus Christ, the Fifth Element up in here tonight

In the words of KJ-52 "WHO am I" , I am ANTHONY and The Lord put a new song in my mouth.

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