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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Smile, its a monkey! Devotional 58

Today on Dotto-Tech I was watching an episode based on the evolution of digital cameras and its counter part digital printers. Now before I get started I would like to point out that I did not use the image of the baby monkey for some sort of evil ploy to upset the science community of evolutionist. To me the picture seemed to be the perfect example an image. For hundreds of years and maybe more there has been a line drawn in the sand. One side you have the science community , which use their intellect to provide reasons for pretty much everything. Its what scientists would like to call "research." On the other side you have what the science community would call "a dark horse." The Church. I in no way am going to attempt to solbe the pivitol answer to the worlds quandries. Thats right I can say quandries. I am pretty smart you know. Why would I write things such as the many devotionals that I have written over the many months. Anyway sorry I have kind of got a little off topic, the TV program was primarly based on who can make a better photo come through a printer.

I started to think wow, that is really cool kind of like God has made us all unique. Think about it, some of have great strength , smarts, looks, intelligents, We adapt to society thats basically my point.

Watch this video, so that you too can see how we humans can seperate ourselves from the plant of the apes "crazy idea."
You may learn something like never before.

Now that you have seen the video. These devotionals for me are like a letter of obidence and thanks to God. These devotionals are my connection to God and it allows me to be open and demonstrate that I live for God. So that I may recieve his love.

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