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Monday, May 18, 2009

Kerri taks Italian - Devotional 23

Kerri Pomarolli a well known Christian comedian recently taught me a very important life lesson, "laughter is like chicken soup for the soul.

Yes her name is Pomarolli, and I can say that because I to know what its like to have "I"'s in your name. Since this devotional is all about laughter I thought I would do my best to make you laugh. But before I get to that I want to tell you how Kerri made me see that laughter is good for the soul.
For the longest I was right there with God getting it and I even got Jesus. But this is how I grew up. I was raised Italian, Christian , who had the hertiage of Catholic who later became a Christian Baptist. Yeah I know its quite a mouth full and were not even talking about food.

Growing up I was scared to speak to my parents because a wooden spoon became their best defense. How do I know that I am Italian well whenever my father speaks in his accent he uses his hands so he can help me follow along.

In my families culture I think if my family believes in the realilty of heaven it is my belief that they feel as though they have a golden ticket to heaven because they can make more than bread and God will never go hungry.

I don't work for the mafia, although I might like to, they always dress so nice.
My favourite singer isn't Kurt Cobain or Lady Gaga , its Andrea Bocelli.
If your Italian and you can name 100 saints before you can recall 10 verses from the King James bible than your Italian. For me thats where I was stuck, I would get to a certain point of known Jesus and building a relationship with him, and than say Ok I am good for three weeks. I came face to face with my oldself yesterday and won the victory. All because of laughter. To show you just what I'm tlking about here's a video of Kerri's testimony.

Proverbs 17:22
22 A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

My name is Anthony and I am an Italian who knows Jesus.

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