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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Facebook Overload Devotional 22 Hebrews 10-25

We all knew it, the technological age is here. For wayS of communication we have Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Xbox, Internet, Cell Phones and txt messaging. This past week I have been all about Facebook. What do I mean by that? Well this past week I spend so much time on facebook that I had no idea where the time went before it was just that quickly the very next day.

Allow me to back it up an explain to you why I spend so much time on Facebook this past week. This past week my TV went down so I comprimised and told my friends that I would be spend alot of time on Facebook.
Recently my television got re-connected, not by a serviceman, but it was reconnected by myself. All I had to do was plug in a black cord, that kind of was a reminder of the old school Nintendo back in the day. The irony of this is, if I would have just looked around and saw the black cord it could have easily been connected again, but because I was so sure that it was disconnected I left it alone.

So through this past week I became so consumed in facebook, that I didn't do 2 things, I didn't look at the TV to see if something was really disconnected or not. My relationship with God suffered as well. Because I was so abundantley consumed in Facebook, here is what happened. I would plan schedule hours to spend with God, and they just would not happen, because I was so focused in on Facebook that it distracted me away from God.

So I made a vow to myself to stay off Facebook for 40 days, to gain back some of this week lost time, and be more aware of what God is telling me.

I thought rather than write the verse out, I have a couple videos here that will I think perfectly convey my point.

I have taken this time to take "40" days off Facebook.

Take a look....

P.S. Krista you were looking for another devotional from me, here it is. As plain as can be. This is the tell all truth of procrastination at it`s finest hour.


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