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Sunday, May 31, 2009

From pillar to post Devotional 25

I haven't posted a devotional in about 10 days, I guess I was just waiting for a topic to reveal itself to me. This devotional is about friendship more specifically a friendship that I have with two people that are more like brothers than anything elese. I have creatively named this devotional pillar to post for a very important reason. That reason being "the historical known as "The Parthenon." I know what you may be thinking what does The Parthenon have to do with friendship?
Look at the image very close, how is it built? Throughout the historical structure there are pillars holding this giant piece of Greek history up. To say the least it has seen its fare share of years.

In reguards to me, it not easy to be my friend despite the reports of others. Friendship when it comes to me requires alot of self sacrifice. It does require a deeper understanding than what your eyes see.
Through my younger years my disabillity was really a strong compoenent of how I lived my life. I and my parents would base decisons around my disabillity 90% of the time. As a young child I was restricted with what I could do, because my parents feared for my safety.

I don't think anybody can ever imagine what its like growing up with this disabillity. You heard the old sang, "To understand a man's journey in life you have to walk in his shoes."
The year was 1992 I had just moved from a private Christian School to a Public Elementry School. This was done so I would get more attention physically and medically in terms of therapy. I recieved attention alright. I attended Central Perth Elementry School. I was kind of a pioneer student, for things to happen at the school. What do I mean by being a pioneering student. Well before men it is my belief that Central Perth had never seen a student like me before. When I entered Central or C.P. as the alummi members called it, it prompted change for learning and access to more areas of the school. People went along learning to deal with my student stature.

When I said earlier that I had recieved attention it wasn`t of the possitive kind, it was based on misunderstanding and curiousity more than anything. I became a local school celeberity with in a matter of days. The crowds of people only grow from the passing weeks and months. All the crowds asked me three questions.

1. Why do walk like that?
2. Why are you like like us?
3. Why are you here?

I would go record and saying amongst my troubles physically that hardest thing in life as young child was answering these three questions. Why? Typically everyone would ask me and no matter I said to them, I knew that they would never fully understand what I was saying to them. Heck at the time , I didn't even understand why? Two people were bold enough to approach me and a friendship developed, they two asked me those three questions I was asked so often, but they came back and began to talk more with ne, and it wasn't discussions on how big my scars are. Rather we made fun of everyone and used humour to a great extent. This came in handing when being in class and dealing witb boring school days. Because I was bored and competitive I developed a great rivalry with classmate Brent Nurse. a rivalry that grew to a legendary battle that I don't think had been seen since the battle of David Vs Goliath. At first thought people would concieve this rivalry as a bad thing and some people would even go so far as to call it a dark period in my life. But looking back on iy with friends as I often do I can say this "At that point in my life, never had a dull moment." If that rirvalry taught me anything it taught me to step up to the plate, with your head held high whem faced with adversity. O am glad that I learned that lesson at a very young to prepare me for events that. Through my life I have dealt with tribulation and trimuph. I couldn't get through my life without it. With all that being said.

Philippians 4:13
<< Philippians 3 | Philippians 4 | Colossians 1 >>

13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.


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