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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Masters of the Mic - By Anthony Sicilia (NO

When you think of masters of the Mic in wrestling, you automatically think of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson for telling another wrestler that he (The Rock) was that much better than anybody else. Except when The Rock spoke; he spoke in such a way that the fans listening would hang on his every word. Whether baby face which in the business means to be a good guy wrestler or heel which is your typical bad guy persona. He made the fans believe he was one of the two, all the time. Triple H once said “wrestlers tell stories with their bodies.”

The Rock was ahead of his time. Yes wrestling is entertainment and with the Rock on the Mic, you were always left entertained. This was a time when so few wrestlers had such unique verbal skills that could talk and back it up too. I can only count of five that I know of, Ted Dibase, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho. Personally I think The Rock and Chris Jericho had the art of being an enthusiastic, entertaining wrestler that weren’t your stereotypical muscle heads but their verbal battles were most electrifying. Personally I do feel that The Rock and Chris Jericho fed off one another’s energy. Therefore I the two combined would help introduce the world the era of Sports Entertainment in wrestling.

Currently Chris Jericho is a heel on WWE SMACKDOWN! Oddly enough it’s a show that The Rock used a paraphrase when talking about “Laying the Smack Down,” on his opponents. Chris Jericho makes a great heel whether he does read Webster’s Dictionary a week or not remains to be seen. His use of the high end English language leaves me almost astonished as what he actually is saying each week. Jericho’s use of the English language leaves him in a league of his own, and it reminds me of one of the most interesting traits that Jericho has that is to be a good wrestler, you have to develop a good character, and Chris Jericho has the certain character that leaves you without words in your response to his ramblings.
Just when you want to throw the pillow at the TV or scream at him to shut up, you still have to take a second to think of what words Jericho used to insult the audience. Before you get mad, and stream shoots out of your ears, remember this; Jericho talks as much as he does, for the most part is to involve the audience. Chris Jericho is a wrestler that is a dying breed that brings a certain amount of entertainment and skill to the table, that’s what makes wrestling so entertaining.

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