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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Luigi's Legacy - Devotional 60

I haven't been writingg devotionals in a long time. I promise that will change. See I have been stuck in the rain for much of the summer and the beginning of the school year. I sometimes wonder what did I do , to get in this mess, but than I reflect and say to myself, God knows where you are, and you are right where you should be right now.

And so I write this devotional with a bit of a personal touch to it. In life we could see 1000 faces in one day alone. Each person with their own sense of being. Personality, Kindness, Indiviualism and so forth. But what about the people you converse with on a daily basis. Do you ever realize what impact they have on you.... No? Well I have a friend that once said distance makes the heart grow fonder.

In 2005
I went to Italy for the first time as a grown up. Sure I went to Italy before but this time I could take precious memories home with me. Play them on the DVD player, watch, laugh and remember what it was like.

Although I had hundreds of cousins surround me with kindness and even better food , There was an uncle that even though I was far away from home, he looked out for me as though he was my father. I can't say who was more happier that I had visited Italy myself or my family. The picture you see above is that of my uncle and U. When I say that my uncle protected me like his own son, its not far from the truth.

I first went to Italy after my cousin Micheal had asked me to go for the summer, I accepted and two weeks later I was off to Italy for 3 months. I was the happiest. My family looked out for me in the sense that they were concerned about my CP. So they had manage to bring me to say a speicalist. Which to me was amazing in its own right, Not to mention the many trips we took together on Mondays, that was of course when the pizzera was closed. I always looked forward to Mondays a group of us, would travel all day.... I would have to say that the reason my uncle had such an impact on me is the reason, that I talked with absolutely everything. From what it was like fro him growing up. I use to love his stories. The thing I reflect on now that he has fallen ill is his legacy and the impact and importance he has passed onto me.

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